Your Vote Counts!

by John Gillespie, WAK Management

Early voting ends Feb 28. Get out there and vote!

Your vote counts. Your multifamily housing peers’ votes matter. Your vote is the most valuable thing you have in a democracy. It is so valuable that political candidates spend thousands of dollars trying to get it. Your vote is precious. Your vote is powerful. Your vote expresses your will.

BUT, you’ve got to use it!

For primary elections, you’ve got to pick a party. You either vote in the Republican or Democrat primary. You can’t vote in both. Political parties conduct primary elections to determine who their candidates will be in the November 3, 2020, general elections.

Early voting for the March 3rd primary elections is underway and goes through Friday, February 28th. Early voting is a great way to make sure you use your vote. The good news is that if you live in Tarrant County, you have numerous early voting locations.


Candidates on this year’s ballot include individuals running for president, congress, state senate, state representative, county commissioner, judge, and constable. AATC member Republican State Representatives Stephanie Klick and Craig Goldman are on the ballot. If you live in Klick’s or Goldman’s district, AATC urges you to vote for them.

AATC and NAA are strongly supporting Tarrant County congressional incumbents Kay Granger (R – TX 12), Marc Veasey (D – TX33 and Ron Wright (R -TX 6), as well as, Republican Beth Van Duyne (R- TX24). In local primaries, AATC is supporting Democrat Tarrant County Precinct 8 Constable Michael Campbell

List of AATC, TAA, & NAA endorsed candidates

Cornyn, John (R) United States Senate
Wright, Ron (R) US House
Granger, Kay (R) US House
Van Duyne, Beth (R) US House
Williams, Roger (R) US House
Burgess, Michael (R) US House
Veasey, Marc (D) US House
Nelson, Jane (R) State Senate
Burns, DeWayne (R) State Representative
Sheffield, J.D. (R) State Representative
King, Phil (R) State Representative
Romero, Ramon (D) State Representative
Klick, Stephanie (R) State Representative
Krauss, Matt (R) State Representative
Tiderholt, Tony (R) State Representative
Collier, Nicole (D) State Representative
Cook, David (R) State Representative
Goldman, Craig (R) State Representative
Capriglione, Gio (R) State Representative
Geren, Charlie (R) State Representative
Turner, Chris (D) State Representative
Campbell, Michael (D) Constable
Burgess, Wendy (R) Tax Assessor

AATC is not endorsing a candidate in-state representative district 92 nor 60.

Don’t wait. Go vote. Today!

John Gillespie, President of WAK Management, AATC’s Government Affairs Committee Chair