You Too Can Win Maintenance Mania!

Angel Diaz, Woods of Bedford, Milestone Management, is the Region 6 Maintenance Mania Finalist for the 5th straight year.

I know what you’re thinking. Every year, you go to Maintenance Mania and try your best only to get beat out by the same people year after year. You wonder why you should even participate if you’re not going to win? If that’s your way of thinking then why do you try anything at all? Don’t we spend a significant portion of our lives getting good at something because we practice at it? Think about it. Were you an expert driver the first time you sat behind the wheel of a car? I would think that Mario Andretti would say ‘No, he wasn’t.’  He’d probably say it took him years and years of practice to build his nerves and confidence to be as good as he was.

So, why practice? Because it will make you better, and if you are going to beat out the top Maintenance Mania contenders, you’ll have to be really good at it. How about this fact? As fast as our top contenders are, there are considerably faster competitors nationwide. In other regions, Maintenance Mania is a past-time; a practice that is carried down from maintenance tech to maintenance tech—like royalty.

In reality, we hope that you attend Maintenance Mania because it’s a fun, maintenance-themed event, completely focused on the heart of every property—the maintenance technician. Not only is there competition there for those who want it, but you can also win a decent amount of money if you win a game or two.

Now, if fierce competition is your thing, then look no further than our current Region 6 Maintenance Mania Champion, Angel Diaz. Angel is a humble maintenance tech for Milestone Management who just so happens to be carrying is 5th straight championship title for our Region. This will also mark his 5th consecutive appearance at the NAA National Championship coming up in June. Of all the Maintenance Techs that competed in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and all other Region 6 markets, he has risen to the top—5 straight times. As the NAA Mania rules would have it, Angel will have to sit out next year at the national level; something about ‘giving someone else a shot.’ “Of course, I’m going to miss competing at the national level next year, but I’m ready to mentor others to take my place.” Don’t worry though, Angel will be able to back in the mix in 2020 ready to do it all again.


Milestone Management has won more Maintenance Mania awards in D/FW than any other company.


The good news is that you can win one single game and still walk away with cash. Each of the 8 games at the Mania event has its own payouts plus you can also win prizes for winning the main event, which ironically can be won without being first-place in a single stand-alone event.

Through all of Angel’s success, he hasn’t gotten there alone. You’ll be happy to know that you too can win Maintenance Mania. There are no magical spells when it comes to the success of Milestone Management at our events. Brian James is the mastermind behind Milestone’s success. It is all because he orchestrated a strategy to give their maintenance competitors a chance to practice before the event.

“The only difference in our success is that our guys have had a chance to touch and feel the game, even if it’s different at the actual event than what we have here,” says Brian James, Maintenance Supervisor at the Woods of Bedford. “All I did was order a few parts and build the games out of old doors, walls, or any other scrap pieces I could find—there’s really no technical know-how needed beyond what I already know. Anybody can build these.”

The Milestone team has managed to build a practice area at the property with wood scraps and inexpensive maintenance supply parts.

Brian goes on to say that once built, all the games are set on tables, and they use Stacking Cup app timers or order them from Amazon to practice the motions. Again, it’s all about practice.

“We want other people to win,” he says. “We want the event to continue to be successful, and I’m happy to share our success with everyone else if it helps other people rise to the top.”, says Brian.

So, there are no more excuses! For very little expense, you can set up a practice area of your own for your maintenance team and then save the date for our next Maintenance Mania event on March 21, 2019.

See you there!