UGM & AATC: Partners in Hope

by John Mitchell, AATC CEO

During the past 20-years, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of representing the Apartment Association as a member of the board of directors for Union Gospel Mission of Fort Worth. It’s an honor to serve two amazing organizations.

The Association’s commitment to giving back has been focused on the Mission for two decades for several reasons. Although there are indeed many outstanding community service organizations in our little part of the world, we discovered long ago that UGM Fort Worth does more with less than anyone we know. We’ve also learned a concentrated focus significantly increases our ability to make a lasting impact. And, we’ve learned that you, our members want to make a difference in this world.

Our friends at the Mission are committed beyond question to the people they serve. They pick people up – care for them when their down – and help people get back up on their feet again. They provide individually for each person’s basic needs… food, shelter, companionship, counseling and especially hope and love.

And, where do most of these people, our fellow-citizens end up when they’re ready to stand on their own once again – in the apartment homes our members provide and serve of course! We’re all about housing, so homeless initiatives are a perfect fit. That’s why we’re so deeply engaged.

In any given month, UGM shelters up to 1,000 women, men, children, and families and it’s not unusual for the Mission to serve more than 5,000 individual meals. The number of people with serious needs in our community is eye-popping. Sharing opportunities to serve is the easiest thing I do.

On Saturday, March 23, AATC will once again host our annual UGM Charity Bowling Tournament – presented this year by our friends at Earthworks. Beginning at 12 noon at Bowlero in Euless, everyone that shows up will get to eat, drink, bowl, prowl about and laugh together. I hope you’re registered. If not, please go to and sign-up. This unique association fundraiser typically nets about $25,000 for our friends at the Mission. After basic tournament expenses, every penny you give goes to UGM.

Although we’ve not kept up with a total, the Association’s contributions over the years are no doubt in the 100s of thousands of dollars. Beyond the money we’ve provided, our members have served meals, tutored kids, given food, clothing, furniture, vehicles, bottled water, diapers, coffee and books, and you’ve tended to a wide variety of facility and equipment needs. Whatever we’ve asked – you’ve given without hesitation. Believe me, you’ve made – and you’re still making a difference. I can never thank you enough.

John Mitchell has served as AATCs Executive Director, its chief executive officer since 1992. For more info on the Association’s bowling tournament or any of our community service initiatives, reach out to John or contact Annie Williams, AATCs Director of Meetings and Special Events at 817-616-0355 or