Trust is a Must!

by Rick Ellis, CAM, CPM, Ellis Consulting Group

Building trust is paramount in the leasing process.

Building Trust in Your Leasing Presentation by Creating a “Relationship”

Every rental prospect is in the process of making a major life decision; where they and their family will live for next 12 or more months. Much stress and anxiety go into this decision. Housing is by far their largest expense; yet, many leasing professionals treat the leasing process as if the customer is buying gas at a convenience store.

Renting an apartment is a big deal and a significant life commitment. You are asking the prospect to turn over thousands of dollars with the hope you will provide safe, comfortable housing that meets their expectations. The prospect has likely experienced a situation where the apartment they rented was not what was promised. It is not a surprise that there is a bit of mistrust…or more! How do we bridge the trust gap?

Create a Relationship
Focus first on the prospect’s needs and wants, second on their creditworthiness and closing the deal. This prospect is not just your next commission; the next notch in your gun handle. They are a human being seeking one of life’s basic human needs; shelter. Here are a few KWIK Tips to help you connect with every person who walks in the door.

  • Greet all visitors immediately with a BIG smile and a friendly greeting.
  • ASK QUESTIONS rather than simply giving out information. Begin with questions about their housing preferences, their job, their interests. The hallmark of a great relationship is good two-way communication.
  • Be flexible and adjust to their pace and style. People like people like themselves.

Relationships take a little time. Even in a business environment, it is important to invest a bit of time with your customer before jumping into the core leasing presentation. Besides, if you take time to get to know someone and understand their real rental needs and motivation, you create something essential to meeting your objective: TRUST!