Training Them Up!

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We have all heard that great Leaders develop others! In fact, in most organizations leaders should be developing their talent and it is part of their annual staff review form. Now, let’s be honest, talent development takes the back seat more times than what we care to admit. We are all so busy and training & development can always wait—so I hear. However, it cannot wait as it will directly affect the financial performance of your organization in a short and long term. The best thing you can do for any of your employees is to train them to do their job better, which will benefit themselves and the organization.

Developing your staff makes good business sense, think about it this way; people care if you take a genuine interest in their future, which at the same time builds loyalty, loyalty increases engagement and engagement increases productivity, productivity increases what?  We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment and if you are not learning, you will stay behind. We must be ready to adapt or risk becoming irrelevant. Who wants that? You want successful employees as much as they want to be successful. Yeah, they may move on down the road in the future but you should want the best for them. Nothing will build loyalty more than investing in their futures. Train them to be the best so they can say, “Much of what I learned that  made me who I am was learned during my time at [company]”. Wouldn’t that feel good? Don’t you want that kind of respect and admiration? You know worth of mouth does wonders for the recruitment of talented people. You do all things with the highest ethics possible and eventually it will pay off in dividends.

Bottom line: train your folks! It will keep them from being bored and stagnant. Show them they can grow and you should help them grow—that’s what good leaders do.

We aspire to be your training partner to help your teams grow and develop into professional partners in the multifamily industry showing that they have the chops to represent multi-million dollar assets!

Training and development of your staff doesn’t need to be elaborate and costly. We are here to partner with you and enhance your training initiatives with relevant industry programs and credentials. That’s why we will continue to offer the education STAR bundle program which offers you access to in-person classes for all positions in our industry: leasing, maintenance, assistant managers, managers and supervisors.

With the STAR Bundle package your community will be able to send all the staff that works onsite to all our AATC STAR bundle classes in 2018 and one Pool School class for only $475.00! You could potentially save your property over $1,100 in training costs over the year. Yes, you heard it right, you can send as many staff members including yourself to all our designated STAR curricula! Also, as a STAR Community, you’ll receive discounts on all of our NAA Professional Credential Programs.

Here is what the STAR Bundle includes:

Even though our AATC 2018 Spring Curricula will be published in January we’ll go ahead and give you a sneak peek! Our 2018 Spring Curricula will include programs such as Vision Quest – Unlocking the Secret to Effective Leadership; Leasing 1o1, Fair Housing for Multifamily ( English and Spanish), Assistant Manager Club, HVAC Tech Troubleshooting, Closing Techniques and Pool School (English and Spanish) and that’s just the Spring, we’ll have even more offerings throughout the year you can take advantage of.

Also, all Star Bundle properties get a 10% discount for all staff that register for any of the AATC in- person CAMT, CAM, NALP & CAPS Credentials, this is a sweet deal that we hope you take advantage off.

Don’t miss out on this great deal that offers you an incredible ROI and helps you retain your talented staff as they feel appreciated and equipped to reach greater goals.

Jodi Spurrell, Milestone, is the D/FW Education Chair, and Lani Grant, Dayrise Residential, is the D/FW Education Vice-Chair. For more information on any of AATC’s Career Development programs or courses, contact Alexandra Brown at or call her at 817-616-0356.