Stick to the Plan

by Candy Maxey, Gretstar, AATC 2019-2020 President

Candy Maxey, Greystar, AATC President

Are you one of my determined colleagues who’s recently resolved to get yourself moving again? Oh, my, goodness – I’m sore everywhere!

As you’ve no doubt heard far too many times in the past, one important key to success is sticking to a plan. Business author and motivational speaker Peter Drucker said it well, “Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes, but no plans.”

The Apartment Association isn’t much different than each of you. We’ve spent the past few months reassessing our mission then creating a plan for serving you better. In other words, we’re getting ourselves moving again.

Your AATC Board of Directors typically stops what we’re doing every three to five years for the purpose of reassessing our programs and passions. We take a careful look at the landscape, push a few things in the ditch, then enthusiastically launch ourselves in an exciting new direction. That’s called strategic planning.

Your Association Board of Directors just last month adopted a new set of plans through 2022. It’s not only a compass pointing the way to where we’d like to go, but a game plan for how we plan to get there. Let me share a few…

First, we took a careful look at advocacy; seeking ways to effectively serve the interests of the multi-housing business when working with our public reps. Expanding our PAC to open more doors and better-utilizing advocacy teams is our plan. Addressing emerging concerns including repressive regulations and housing affordability are rapidly becoming our top priorities.

Since acquiring knowledge is now and will always be an important key to success, we’re determined to further connect our members with the very best and brightest. Expect to see exciting new technology applications working their way into your classrooms.

One of the things we do very well is to provide fun new business networking opportunities for our members. AATCs Business Exchange, Lone Star Awards, Leadership Lyceum, Divas Cup and Bowling Tournament have brought attention from across the nation. So, what’s next? Well… we’re working on it. Expect something fun and new this fall. Sorry, no spoiler alerts – stay tuned!

When it comes to being effective communicators, we’re working on better ways to talk with you. One important thing we’ve discovered is the wide range of communication vehicles our members like use. While our techies love their phones, many still enjoy the feel of a print publication. Realizing diversity is an important key to info, in the months to come our members can expect to see pretty much everything, everywhere across every possible medium.

Last on my list (although there’s much more to come) is a completely new focus on our foundation. What’s that mean, you ask. It means we’ll be taking a careful look during the next several months at our fiscal resources, business office, training center, and marketing initiatives just to name a few.

We’re making a long-term commitment to our members; that means you. That’s our promise, our hope, and our plan. Our purpose is simple – we’re here to inspire the best of the best in the rental housing business. Once again; that means you.

Candy Maxey is a regional property manager for Greystar. In her spare time, Candy is currently serving through September as AATCs 48th President, our chief elected officer. For more info on the Association’s new strategic plan, reach out to Candy or AATC’s Executive Director – John Mitchell at We’d be happy to help you.