State & National Concerns

by John Mitchell, AATCs Executive Director & CEO

Most of the news you hear and read that’s directly related to the multi-housing industry is often focused on local issues. Hopefully, it goes without saying that there’s usually a lot more to understand regarding any concern before reaching a conclusion than what’s provided in the opening paragraph or a 30-second news story. Although occasionally surprised, more often than not, the Apartment Association’s leadership team has been working with government leaders for quite some time to sort things out and mediate satisfactory resolutions.

Not only are we actively engaged regularly in our largest cities and throughout Tarrant County and our 9-county region, but we’re working closely nearly every day with wonderful teams of thoughtful professionals with the Texas Apartment Association in Austin, as well as the National Apartment Association in our nation’s capital. Along with a federation of 160 state and local associations across the nation, it’s a triumphant collaboration AATC is proud to be a part of.

The Apartment Association of Tarrant County will be directly represented on TAAs Board in 2021 by 10 TAA Directors including Nicolle Block; Becca Brown, Maintenance Supply HQ; Cayce Coon, Madera; Jeff Duerstock, Zumper; John Gillespie, WAK; Candy Maxey, Greystar; Michael Payne, Allmark; Patty Utley; BH; Emily Watson, Landtower; and Nicole Zaitoon, Allied. In addition, AATC has elected seven Alternate TAA Directors including Lane Beene, Pilot-Legacy; Bryan Downer, Community Enrichment Center; Chris Lee, Earthworks; Nicole McQuarry, American Landmark; April Royal, Capstone; Charles Stroud, ATI; and Sarah Turner, Olympus.

TAAs Board of Directors typically meets four times each year, including its 2021 winter meetings scheduled in Grapevine on February 2-5; it’s spring meetings held in conjunction with TAAs annual education conference and exposition scheduled on April 14-16 in San Antonio; its summer meetings set for July 14-16 also in Grapevine; TAAs fall meetings are scheduled on October 20-22 in Houston.

Also, AATC’s Board of Directors has elected members to serve on NAAs Assembly of Delegates, the larger of our federation’s leadership teams responsible for our national Association’s programs and resources. AATC’s five newly-elected NAA Delegates for 2021 include Jason Busboom, Busboom Group; Jeff Duerstock; Candy Maxey; Michael Payne; and Patty Utley. In addition, AATC has elected three Alternate NAA Delegates including AATCs CEO, John Mitchell; as well as Cayce Coon; and Becca Brown.

NAA Delegates typically meet three times each year, including in conjunction with its Advocate conference each March in Washington DC; with its Apartmentalize conference and trade show scheduled in 2021 on June 14-18 in Chicago; as well as NAAs annual Assembly of Delegates meetings scheduled on November 1-5 in Cincinnati.

We so very much appreciate the extra dose of commitment being made by AATCs volunteer leaders. The time they take to represent us is impressive. Rest assured, AATCs 1,800 members are well-represented by an amazing group of volunteer and staff leaders at the local, state, and federal levels of legislative and regulatory consideration across the nation.