President’s Letter – Spring is in the Air!

by Nicolle Block, AMLI Residential, 2019-2019 AATC President 

A Letter From the President

I am checking in on you. How are those goals coming along? Are you on track with your personal and professional goals? Have you been honoring those New Year’s resolutions? I hope that you are all laser focused and making progress as the time flies by. As the weather is getting warmer and days are getting longer, many of us get a renewed sense of purpose. You hear terms like, “Spring Cleaning” and see people getting rid of what they don’t need. Many of us consider that a Fresh Start.

We can apply that same approach to our industry. Have you been as plugged in as you thought you would be?  Have you made time for what is important to you or have you let your time go towards things that take all of your energy and show minimal results? You are in Luck! Every day is a gift (which is why it is called The Present) and we can make changes that impact our goals! Our Apartment Associations are endless resources of opportunities for you to reset your focus. Here are a few just in April:

April 5: Spring Fling Golf Event: This is a PAC (Political Action Committee) event that raises money for AATC and gives us the opportunity to enjoy a tee-time as we connect and network. Join a team or purchase a party pass—don’t miss it! Please go to to register

April 10-13: TAA Education Conference and Expo in Houston: This year, the TAA Education Conference and Expo will be held in Houston. You have the opportunity to learn from a variety of industry speakers. There is also a trade show and expo that can aid you in connecting with your supplier partners and see the hot new industry trends. You may even recognize one of the speakers this year (her initials are NB…😀), so if you have not already attending, make your way to TAA’s website and register!

Don’t miss this opportunity to start over each day. Recalibrate and reset your goals. What we focus on gets done. I hope to see you at our Spring Fling and at the Education Conference. If you mention this article when you see me, I may have a little surprise for you in May!

Shoulders Back – Hearts Open…and Breathe in that wonderful Spring Air!