Serving by Volunteering or Being Voluntold 

by Candy Maxey, Greystar, 2019-2020 AATC President

Candy Maxey, Greystar, AATC President

It’s an honor for me to be serving as your president. I’m humbled to be leading the AATC band. When Jeff Hoster (KWH) suggested many years ago that I join a committee and get involved, I was admittedly a bit reluctant; having no idea what volunteering meant, what I’d be doing, how much time it would take and or what, if anything my participation could produce that might be of any value. Well, let me tell you, my questions have been answered. So, let me share a few with you now, as well as set-up a few more coming your way in the months to come.

My first revelation – serving in a leadership role with a nationally-acclaimed trade association isn’t about walking around banging the loudest drum. It’s not about me, it’s about you. My volunteer job is focused on serving other people who share common interests and goals. Bottom line – we’re working together to improve what we do. Martin Luther King said it best, “Life’s most urgent question is – what are you doing for others?” With that sage bit of wisdom tucked away in your mind, let me encourage you to stop what you’re doing for a sec and consider answering that same question. Servant leadership is what AATC is all about. Simply said, our vision is to help educate, advocate, network, and inspire! That’s what we do – how about you?

One of the things I love about the Apartment Association is the rich family environment that’s woven into the fabric of this organization. It’s more than three points, a quick prayer, and you’re out the door. This Association is represented by a vibrant group of people who care about what we do—who care about one another. When we meet to talk about education, advocacy, or producing great meetings, programs, and events for one another, there’s passion in the room. It’s like a big loving family…I leave looking forward to the next time we’re together again.

A unique legacy of this Association is remarkable leadership. When I scan the north-Texas multifamily landscape, I see amazing people who’ve proceeded me and continue serving our best interests today. Starting with Jeff Hoster and moving on to include many other amazing people like Ron Shelton, Cindi Scoggins, Mike Clark, Darnell Harris, Steve Thurber, Lisa Clark, Anthony Wonderly, Sherry Jordan, Jodi Spurrell, Robert Tinning, Char McCurdy, Traci Hall, Steve Roach, Patti Thomas, Michael Walker and yes, our most recent leader Nicolle Block, just to name a few of our owner-managers who started in Fort Worth, these special men and women continue making a difference in what we do right now. And the same can be said for many of our wonderful supplier-partners, but I’ll save those comments for another edition.

I’ve learned volunteering (or being voluntold) can produce productive business relationships as well as life-long friendships. As a result of my time working for AATC, I’ve developed a long list of people who I can ask any question anytime there’s a need to learn something new. What’s a PAC (political action committee) all about, and why should I dip into my wallet and give-away my hard-earned dollars to support what they do? Why in the world would I spend a Saturday afternoon going bowling with the people I work with on Monday through Friday? Oh, my goodness, why would I want to invest an afternoon away from my work priorities sitting in front of dozens of supplier-partners pitching X’s and O’s about what I need to budget for next year? And, why would I want to serve on one of 22 Association committees, volunteering my time when it doesn’t return a red cent? All good questions, all with good answers – so, stay tuned. I’ve learned the truth, and I’m anxious to share great answers with you.

Candy Maxey’s day-job is representing Greystar as a regional property manager in the DFW area and beyond as well as serving AATC as our 48th President. For more info on any aspect of the Association, reach out to Candy at or contact John Mitchell, AATCs CEO at We’ll be happy to help you!