President’s Letter: Problems or Opportunities

by Candy Maxey, Gretstar, AATC 2019-2020 President

Candy Maxey, AATC President

Woven into the middle of this pandemic challenge, I’m seeing creative strands of marketing that deliver thoughtful reflections. One of my favorites says, “Fear finds a problem in every opportunity while love finds opportunity in every problem.”

If you’re anything like me, you’re spending a great deal of time responding to problems… What do we do when our residents get laid-off and reach out to explain they can’t pay their rent? What do we do when our supervisor issues an order that could jeopardize the health of my team? Is it fair to allow different people to do things differently?

It’s easy to be afraid right now. All we have to do is watch the news. Our world is ripe with scary and confusing stuff. So, how do we manage the information overload? How do we respond to problem people?

I recently heard one of our wonderful AATC attorneys reply during a Zoom Q&A about evictions. He reduced his answer down to the simplest of terms… “Do the right thing.” Thank you, Jim Floyd, for a spoonful of much needed legal compassion.

AATC is working hard to move forward as we respond to every challenge. Our role is to serve your interests and needs in every way possible. In between daily storms of doubt and confusion, that’s what we’re trying to do – inspire best practices.

We’ve moved dozens of meetings and events to accommodate your pandemic concerns. We’ve created a daily flow of information, providing much-needed answers to countless questions. We’re changing in mid-flight how best to deliver important educational opportunities. We’re working with our government leaders to help you and your struggling residents. We’re working hard to thoughtfully consider the best timing and lingering concerns for our next big event – The Business Exchange, still scheduled on Fri Aug 21 at the Irving CC.

Why are we doing these things? Simple; because we love AATC. As soon as you’re comfortable, come see for yourself.

Without a doubt, we’re better together!

Candy Maxey is serving this year as AATCs President, our chief elected officer. In her spare time, Candy is an accomplished regional property supervisor for Greystar. For additional info on AATC, check out the website or call any member of the Association staff. We’re always happy to help you.