President’s Letter—May 2019

by Nicolle Block, AMLI Residential, 2019-2019 AATC President 

Form over Substance

Have you ever found yourself completing a task mindlessly at home or at work?  Some parts of our days and weeks are so scripted that time passes very quickly. How many of us have stopped to take a breath only to say, “I cannot believe that it is already May!” We live in a fast paced world where time management and being stretched thin is disguised as efficiency. We establish routines in our lives as a way to ensure that we are not missing any of our tasks. It makes sense that we would approach our days that way to a point, but what are the unintended consequences?

When you lose the why, you lose your focus. Why are you doing those tasks? What are they supposed to accomplish? Have you stopped to see how you are tracking? If you ask yourself these questions, you may be surprised at the answer. I call this monotony and just going from one task to another, “Form over Substance.” That means that you are just going through the motions and not focusing on being intentional with your actions. Let’s illustrate this in Apartment Association terms. Do you go to the meetings and conferences for AATC, TAA, or NAA? Are you on committees? When you are in the meetings, are you engaged and participating? Maybe you are and that is half the battle.  However; when you leave the meeting with ‘marching orders’ or goals, how do you work them into your routine so that you can accomplish goals from meeting to meeting?  Many times we don’t. I have often seen that when we show up to the next meeting and find that we are discussing many of the same topics. Form over substance…we are showing up because it is a task to check off of our calendar.

Think back to the first time you walked a unit, or went on a sales visit. You were taking in every detail and focusing on the task at hand. Use that same fervor when approach your day.  Ask yourself why you are having that call, completing that report, or sending that email? You may find that over time, you may need to tweak something or question it. As I mentioned before, we are in a face paced world.  We constantly add more to our proverbial plate… but what do we take away? Eventually, you may find yourself going through the motions. When you feel that, you MUST pull yourself out. Take an inventory of you day, week, month, etc. What do you NEED to do? Then look at what you are doing? You may be surprised at what tasks fall in each category.

Be intentional and you will feel more accomplished and fulfilled!  That is a promise.

Shoulders Back – Heart Open! You got this!