President’s Letter – GSD!

Jason Busboom, AATC President

I am the incoming 2021 President and very excited to get started on our 2021 Goals! I am also the President of Busboom Group, and we own just over 2,600 apartment homes in DFW. We started to buy apartments here in 2013 when my family and I – along with my business partner, Thao Te, and her family – moved to Texas from Colorado because there is no better place to do business in the world than Texas!!! We started Busboom Group over 15 years ago, and we try to be the most paperless company in the world! Effectiveness and efficiency are staples in our company, and we’ll work hard to incorporate that into the association.  

My wife, Christine, and I have two wonderful little boys (14 and 12) and love living in Texas. The people are incredibly welcoming, friendly, kind, and it’s a great place for business and raising a family.   

We will definitely be looking forward towards our goals (no fear or rearview mirrors) all year long and Get Stuff Done (GSD)!!!  You’ll hear me say GSD all the time, and I really hope you’ll join our new Committee Chairs and Directors to make 2021 a year to remember for changes and further growth to our beloved association!  

Before jumping into our 2021 vision, let’s take a minute to say thanks to our fearless frontline team members that never stopped providing incredible customer service, taking care of our apartment investments, and showing all of our residents, our teams, our supplier partners, and especially their families on what being a warrior is all about! Our onsite teams went to work every day where people were literally sheltering in place from a global pandemic. These unsung heroes continued to show up and go into people’s homes to fix their maintenance issues to make sure they are comfortable and safe in their homes; all the while, many (if not the majority of the world) were able to stay in their homes!  Our office teams were always available to calm down prospects and residents and exemplified servant leadership.  I’m sure our leadership teams have absolutely celebrated their frontline team members, but I know they are the most uncelebrated heroes from 2020–incredible job onsite teams!  

Ok, back to GSD’n in 2021–we have an incredible Executive Committee made up of Michael Payne (Incoming President), Patty Utley (Treasurer), Cayce Coon (Secretary), Jeff Duerstock (Vice President), Candy Maxey (Immediate Past President), Nicolle Block (Past President), and myself. We have a new slate of 8 Directors ready to ‘make change the only constant’ and join our new and more experienced Committee Chairs. We are all well aware that change can be scary in the beginning but extremely rewarding in the end–and a ton of fun along the way!  We’ll approach these changes with strong traditional values, a bend towards leveraging technology, and loads of collaboration and teamwork. We have a wonderful group of seasoned association veterans, and new folks that we know will step up and take charge.   

You’ll also hear us talk about how we fully expect ‘this side of town’ (Fort Worth!) to be the backbone for the Texas Apartment Association. Texas needs to be the backbone of the National Apartment Association. We have goals to relocate the office, create a world-class education program, make a sizable impact for current and pending legislation, continue and improve our incredible events, and always do it with the utmost transparency and integrity!   

We are truly looking towards GSD’n in 2021 and look forward to your support. If you have any desire to get more involved, please don’t hesitate to email me!  

Best Regards,  

Jason Busboom