President’s Letter: Collaboration + Innovation

by Candy Maxey, Greystar, AATC's 2019-2020 President

Candy Maxey, Greystar, AATC President

I love that it’s beginning to feel a little fall-ish. The temps have come down a couple of steps in north Texas, and there’s actually a hint of organized team sports falling from the clouds…and (a sobering thought) it’s budget season once again no matter what’s going on outside.     

The most beautiful part of collaborating is the innovation that often blossoms into greatness. If there’s any redeeming grace to this horrible pandemic, it’s time we share collaborating that often produces innovation and creativity. Our differences can be the greatest gifts we give to one another. They can help us grow, learn, and make a difference, and the result is often amazing.    

Coming your way next month are two extremely unique learning opportunities. First up, since we’re not quite ready to meet in person, AATC’s annual Education Conference is moving to a unique new virtual platform. You’ll be able to sit at home in your PJs and learn the latest and greatest ways to keep your residents happy while helping your business grow. No excuses are acceptable. It’s affordable, convenient, and definitely innovative.   

So, what else – you’re asking. Well, it’s the trade show, of course. AATC’s annual exhibition of the latest and greatest gidgets, gadgets, and gizmos is also going virtual in November. There’ll be no parking in the north-40 and no walking around a crowded trade show floor wearing a socially-acceptable face mask looking for what you need. Just open your laptop, register online, browse through all the wonderful products and services provided by our amazing supplier-partners, and engage one-on-one discussions. Easy-peasy!   

 At the very core of our need for close relationships are the differences we learn to work through together. Although we have different perspectives, different values, and often an entirely different approach, it’s the respect we hold for one another that keeps us moving forward. When we bring our little share of life’s experience and blend it together with everyone else, that’s what continually helps re-create us.   

 I’m proud of what the Apartment Association has accomplished in one of the most difficult years imaginable. As Captain Obvious might have said – it has been a challenging year.   

One thing I know, respectful collaboration is the key ingredient. Without a doubt, we’re better together.    

Candy Maxey is a regional property supervisor with Greystar and continues serving through December as the Apartment Association’s chief elected officer. For additional info on AATCs Education Conference and or its Trade Show, click on or reach out to any member of the association staff.