Pillow Talk – The Ancient Art of Advocacy

by Perry Pillow, AATC's Director of Government Affairs

AATC held its October 2018 board of directors meeting at Dallas Glass Art (fascinating place, recommend you visit).  As part of the meeting, AATC’s leaders made an individualized glass sculpture (either a pumpkin or an ornament).

Process and precision. Fire and water. Creative and tactile. AATC’s leaders were artists for an afternoon.

If you’re creative, even for an afternoon, AATC advocacy is for you.  Many AATC members perceive advocacy as the least creative endeavor possible. Necessary but boring.  Deciphering municipal building codes and dissecting government budgets can be mundane; however, advocacy also includes personal involvement to resolve the issues that impact our society.  Many of these issues are complex and politically charged issues.

Apartment industry advocacy efforts currently include private property rights, homelessness, taxes, workforce development, affordable housing, economic development; financial markets, and generational poverty.

Advocacy is an art. Public policy challenges require creative solutions. Old answers do not work. Successful advocacy efforts require innovative approaches and new ideas.  AATC needs your thoughts and insights.  Express yourself.  Be an AATC advocacy artist.

GET OUT AND VOTE – AATC encourages our members to vote in the November 6thgeneral elections.  AATC enthusiastically supports the re-election efforts of AATC members and Republican state representatives Stephanie Klick(HD-91) and Craig Goldman(HD – 97).

Following is a list of AATC endorsed candidates:

Congressional races:  Incumbent Democrat Marc Veasey(TX -33) and Republican incumbents Michael Burgess(TX-26), Kay Granger (TX-12), Kenny Marchant(TX-24) and Roger Williams (TX– 25).  AATC and NAA PAC endorse Republican Ron Wright(TX – 6).

State-wide:  Republicans Abbott, Governor; Patrick, Lieutenant Governor; Hegar, Comptroller; Paxton, Attorney General; and Bush, Land Commissioner.  State-wide judicial:  Republicans Blaylock, Devine, and Brown.

State Senate:  Republicans Hancock (SD 9) and Burton(SD-10).  State representative:  Republicans Burns(HD-58), King(HD – 61), Krause(HD-93), Tinderholt(HD 94), Zedler(HD-96), Goldman(HD-97), Capriglione(HD-98), and Geren(HD-99); as well as, Democrats Romero(HD 90) and Collier(HD-95).

Justice of the Peace:   Democrats DeLeon(JP 5) and Woodard(JP 8) and Republicans Swearingin(JP 1), Curnutt (JP 2),Brandt (JP3), Gregory(JP 4), Charbonnet(JP 6), and Hayes (JP 7).

County-wide:  Republicans Whitley, County Judge; Nguyen, Commissioner P2; Wilder, District Clerk; Garcia, County Clerk; and Wilson, District Attorney.

If you live in Arlington, you have a retroactive, city council term-limit proposal on the November 6thballot.  The proposal limits council members to three two-year terms.  If enacted, 5 current city council members (included the mayor) would be impacted.  AATC encourages Arlington residents to VOTE NO on this initiative.

AATC Partnering to End Military Veterans Homelessness– The Apartment Association of Tarrant County (AATC) is partnering with the City of Fort Worth (CFW) and the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition (TCHC) to identified available units for homeless military veterans.  As of November 1st, AATC members have housed 48 veterans.  If your company is willing to consider housing a homeless military veteran, please click on the below link and complete the online form. The form asks you to indicate screening criteria your company would be willing to waive. AATC will compile a list of properties willing to consider housing homeless military veterans and share this list with CFW and the TCHC. A TCHC case manager will contact you about available units. Please click on the following link and complete the form:


MEETINGS WITH ELECTED OFFICIALS– AATC President Nicolle Block and AATC Government Affairs Committee Chair Michael Payne recently met with Congressman Marc Veasey (D – TX33) to discuss industry issues and the 2018 election campaign.  Veasey’s district includes east Fort Worth and west Dallas.  In October, AATC member attorney Jim Floyd and staff member Perry Pillow met with Justice of the Peace Matt Hayes (JP – P7) and Justice of the Peace Precinct 6 candidate Jason Charbonnet.  Also in October, AATC staff met with Justice of the Peace Mary Tom Curnutt and Tarrant County Clerk Mary Louise Garcia.