Pillow Talk: Change

Change happens; sometimes for the better, occasionally for the worst. The 2018 general elections brought change and, depending on your personal political perspective, the voters got it perfectly right or terribly wrong. Democracy can be exciting and exasperating!

The good news for AATC members is 2018 election results are a chance to firm-up and expand existing relations with candidates we supported and an opportunity to establish new relationships with candidates we opposed.

The better news is now that Democrats are in control in the U.S. House of Representatives, AATC friend Marc Veasey (D – TX33) will likely join the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee while long-time AATC friend Kay Granger (R – TX12) was recently named Ranking Member of the very powerful House Appropriations Committee.  In Austin, Dennis Bonnen (R – Angleton) is the presumptive Speaker, and TAA has an excellent relationship with Bonnen and members of his staff.

The great news is that in an extremely volatile election AATC supported candidates won 93% of their races. AATC member Republican state representatives Stephanie Klick (R – HD 91) and Craig Goldman (R – HD97) won, as did all Tarrant County incumbent state representatives. Republican incumbent Ted Cruz defeated Democrat challenger Beto O’Rourke in the high-profile US Senate race.

All congressional candidates supported by AATC won including Republican incumbents Kay Granger, Kenny Marchant, Michael Burgess, and Roger Williams; incumbent Democrat Marc Veasy; and, in a close race, Republican candidate Ron Wright.

Republican incumbent state senator Kelly Hancock (SD 9) won, but incumbent Republican state senator Konni Burton (SD 10) lost to Democrat challenger Beverly Powell. As expected, all statewide Republican incumbents won.

AATC candidates won 7 of 8 Justice of the Peace races. Justice of the Peace winners include: Ralph Swearengin (R – JP1), Mary Tom Curnutt (R – JP2), Bill Brandt (R – JP3), Chris Gregory (R – JP4), Sergio DeLeon (D – JP5), Jason Charbonnet (R – JP6), & Lisa Woodward (D – JP8).  Significantly, AATC friend and long-time Mansfield-area Justice of the Peace Matt Hayes (R – JP7) lost to newcomer Kenneth Sanders.

AATC supported incumbent Republican County Clerk Mary Louise Garcia won, but in an unexpected upset, long-time Republican incumbent Precinct 2 County Commissioner Andy Nguyen lost to Democrat Devan Allen.

As expected, the proposal to retroactively term-limit Arlington City Council members pass overwhelmingly with 66% of the vote. AATC along with the Mayor and business community opposed this initiative.

Following complete list of winners:

2018 General Election Winners
Cruz, Ted (R) United States Senate
Wright, Ron (R) US House
Granger, Kay (R) US House
Marchant, Kenny (R) US House
Williams, Roger (R) US House
Burgess, Michael (R) US House
Veasey, Marc (D) US House
Billups, Willie (R) US House
Hancock, Kelly (R) State Senate
Powell, Beverly (D) State Senate
Fallon, Pat (R) State Senate
Burns, DeWayne (R) State Representative
Sheffield, J.D. (R) State Representative
Lang, Mike (R) State Representative
King, Phil (R) State Representative
Romero, Ramon (D) State Representative
Klick, Stephanie (R) State Representative
Stickland, Jonathan (R) State Representative
Krauss, Matt (R) State Representative
Tiderholt, Tony (R) State Representative
Collier, Nicole (D) State Representative
Zedler, Bill (R) State Representative
Goldman, Craig (R) State Representative
Capriglione, Gio (R) State Representative
Geren, Charlie (R) State Representative
Turner, Chris (D) State Representative
Swearingin, Ralph (R) Justice of the Peace
Curnutt, Mary Tom (R) Justice of the Peace
Brandt, Bill (R) Justice of the Peace
Gregory, Chris (R) Justice of the Peace
DeLeon, Sergio (D) Justice of the Peace
Charbonnet, Jason (R) Justice of the Peace
Sanders, Kenneth (D) Justice of the Peace
Woodard, Lisa (D) Justice of the Peace
Abbott, Greg (R) Governor
Patrick, Dan (R) Lieutenant Governor
Hegar, Glenn (R) Comptroller
Paxton, Ken (R) Attorney General
Miller, Sid (R) Agriculture Commissioner
Bush, George P. (R) Land Commissioner
Craddick, Christie (R) Rail Road Commissioner
Blacklock, Jimmy (R) Texas Supreme Court (Place 2)
Devine, John (R) Texas Supreme Court (Place 4)
Brown, Jeff (R) Texas Supreme Court (Place 6)
Whitley, Glenn (R) County Judge
Wilson, Sharon (R) District Attorney
Garcia, Mary Louise (R) County Clerk
Wilder, Tom (R) District Clerk
Allen, Devan (D) Commissioner P2
Johnson, J.D. (R) Commissioner P4
Burgess, Wendy (R) Tax Assessor

AATC Partnering to End Military Veterans Homelessness– The Apartment Association of Tarrant County (AATC) is partnering with the City of Fort Worth (CFW) and the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition (TCHC) to identified available units for homeless military veterans.  As of December 1st, AATC members have housed 131 veterans.  If your company is willing to consider housing a homeless military veteran, please click on the below link and complete the online form. The form asks you to indicate screening criteria your company would be willing to waive. AATC will compile a list of properties willing to consider housing homeless military veterans and share this list with CFW and the TCHC. A TCHC case manager will contact you about available units. Please click on the following link and complete the form:


For more information on any of AATC’s Legislative Programs, contact Perry Pillow at ppillow@aatcnet.org.