Our New President!


“I love to watch people succeed,” said Char McCurdy, the Apartment Association’s recently-christened president, and AATCs 46th chief elected officer in our 49-year history. “I’m talking about normal people with average talents and abilities who achieve outstanding success because they’re determined to do so… they simply refuse to quit trying.”

Char McCurdy was born in Jacksonville, a north Little Rock suburb, and grew up in Sheridan; a tiny central Arkansas town of under 5,000 about 40 miles south of the state capital. Her dad was a salesman, her mom a home-maker and she’s next to the youngest in a long line of brothers and sisters.

For those who’ve know her a long time, Char grew up in a competitive environment; playing and excelling at every sport available. In fact, she attended Christian Brothers College in Memphis TN on an athletic scholarship. For those who know her today – she remains highly competitive in everything she does.

Char’s first job was selling magazines over the phone and “I actually worked at Western Sizzlin’ through high school,” she quickly adds. “My first multi-housing job was with Fogelman, but I’ve logged-time over the years with several other great companies including Ledic, Mid-America, Aimco, Amli, Colonial and Sunchase as well as my current home, with my wonderful family at Madera.”

Faith, family, friends and career provide the core foundations for Char McCurdy’s world. “I adore my trophy husband Bill and love spending time with our three wonderful kids and their very special significant others, as well as two adorable grandbabies that I cherish.” “There’s never a dull moment at the McCurdy home and we simply love it that way,” adds Char with a big grin.

“Favorites… not that anyone cares but I like the colors red and green and every kind of food under the sun. I like tulips, any movie with a happy ending and any song that makes my foot tap out the rhythm – Elvis, Prince, Buffet, Underwood, Shelton, Tucker and Jones are my go-to artists,” McCurdy quickly adds. “And my bucket list,” while thinking a bit, “has to include Germany, Alaska and Hawaii as well as Bora Bora in the south Pacific someday, somehow.”

Leadership is important to AATCs new president. “I appreciate good communicators,” says McCurdy, “and I’m determined to be a good listener. I pay attention to leaders who work hard, have positive attitudes, take initiative and serve others with a deep sense of integrity.”

When asked the reasons why she invests time with her industry trade associations, Char McCurdy is quick to point out, “many of my best friends are active members of AATC, AAGD, TAA and NAA. They share their knowledge and experiences with me, bring laughter when things are good and wise counsel when I’m struggling. Giving a little bit of my time back to the industry that supports my family makes me happy; makes me feel like I’m making a contribution to my colleagues, to my friends.”

“We’ve got some big challenges ahead of us,” says McCurdy. “Our public leaders seem more determined than ever to stick their hands in our hard-earned profits. And our customers, our residents have come to expect an exceptional return on their investment which means customer service has to go to and remain at the top of our list.”

McCurdy continues, “AATC must continue its long-standing tradition of leadership; strengthen our commitment to advocacy, be resolved to educate ourselves and adapt to emerging trends and commit ourselves to exceptional networking opportunities. We must adopt a bold voice, a bold vision and a bold determination to accomplish every single one our goals.”

Hall of Fame flame-catcher Jerry Rice perhaps said it best… “I wasn’t the fastest or the biggest or the strongest… but I was willing to work hard, always determined to be the best I could be doing what I love the best.”

John Mitchell has served AATC for the past 24-years as the association’s chief executive officer. For more information on any apartment association program, check out AATCnet.org or reach out to John at jmitchell@aatcnet.org or call any member of the AATCs staff team at 817-284-1121.