New IRO MVP Program Now Available to Supplier Partners!

The electrician is connecting the electric cable wire. Engineer maintenance and fix the system control.

The Apartment Association of Tarrant County is privileged to service over 208,000 apartment homes in Tarrant County and surrounding areas made up of approximately 400 owner/ manager members and 900 properties. Of these members, more than 200 are categorized as Independent Rental Owner (IRO) members. An AATC IRO member is an individual or company engaged principally in the ownership and operation of rental housing properties with no single property containing more than fifty units. For more information on our IRO-specific programming, click here.

To further our mission of providing the best communication and networking mediums for our members, we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce our new IRO MVP (Member Vendor Partner) initiative that will make it easier for our IRO and Supplier members to connect and do business. Our online membership directory will be updated to reflect all product and service members interested in being classified as an IRO MVP. These suppliers will be listed as product and service members who are just as comfortable providing a service or products to IRO members as they are for a large apartment community. All IRO MVPs will be marked as such in our online membership directory with the IRO MVP logo at no additional cost.

Looking for an IRO-friendly vendor? Click here to see a list of our IRO MVPs!

If you are a current product and service member of AATC and would like to be designated as an IRO MVP, please click on the link below to complete the IRO MVP Agreement form and return via email to or by fax at (817) 284-2054.

Want to be an IRO MVP? Then complete this AATC IRO MVP Agreement Form!