New Board Member: Lani Grant

by Candy Maxey, Gretstar, AATC 2019-2020 President

Take things as they come.  You don’t have to be a Vice President tomorrow. Enjoy the ride and figure out what your true passion is.”

Lani Grant, Impact Floors

Great advice from one of AATC’s outstanding Board of Directors member Lani Grant, Impact Floors. We could all be more patient and enjoy the journey! To help you get to know Lani a little better, AATC asked her about her professional experience, education, and life outside the industry

Where were you born and raised?  I was born and raised in Montana.  I love to visit family and friends back home.

How long have you worked in the multifamily industry and how did you get started?  It’s so long I can’t remember—34 years! I was 12 when I started!!  Seriously, I got started in this business because my mother was a manager for Trammell Crow.  Like many folks in this industry, I began as a leasing consultant.  My first leasing job was at a Trammell Crow property.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started in this industry?  That it takes a village.  Nothing good happens overnight.

What is the most rewarding aspect of the multifamily industry?  The relationships and friendships I have built over the years.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you in property management? Too embarrassing to say.  But let’s say it involved a curb, a dress and an owner who now thinks I am the most ungraceful person in the world.

Who have been your mentors and how have they influenced your life?  I have been lucky to have many amazing mentors. Some I have worked with and others that I developed relationships with other organizations. Char McCurdy has had a huge influence on me. She shows kindness and respect to everyone she meets. Char absolutely leads by example.

What is the best professional advice you have received?  If it is out of your circle of control, let it go.  You can only address the things in your circle.

You’ve moved between the owner/operator side and the supplier side of the industry a couple of times.  What are the challenges when you transition from one side to the other? People think that it is a natural transition; that if you know one side you automatically know the other. But it is truly about finding the culture you fit in. When you are in operations, your job is very structured. You know what your day is going to look like. On the supplier side, any given day can get turned upside down in a heartbeat.

Tell us about your family:  I am the oldest of three girls. I have been married to Kevin for 15-years and have a stepdaughter who attends Ole Miss.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?  Any sporting event possible or travel. If it is nice out, you can find me on the golf course.

I heard you were a collegiate gymnast. If you had made it to the Olympics, which event would you have been your best?  What would your score have been?  Balance beam. My score was always better in my head than what I accomplished!!

What does it take to be an excellent leader?  Adaptability. The ability to adapt your leadership style to the person in front of you. You cannot expect those you lead to adapt to you.

What school and industry education classes had the greatest impact on you?  Oh My! All of them. I enjoy talking to all the classes. Recently the NAAEI faculty class gave me great insight into myself and my abilities.

If you could teach a class at AATC, what would it be and why?  If you can believe it, I enjoy teaching Fair Housing to Maintenance and CAM. It is so great to see individuals learn something they did not know.

How has your involvement with AATC, TAA, & NAA professionally and personally benefited you?  It’s given me the exposure that I never would have gotten otherwise.  I have developed life-long friends that I consider family.

Lani is an incredible leader and outstanding industry professional. We are blessed to have her on the AATC Board of Directors.  She made not have made the Olympic gymnastics team, but she’s a world-class, industry leader that gets a Gold Medal for her tireless efforts on behalf of AATC. And, if you need a ringer for your foursome at the April AATC PAC Golf tournament, give her a call!