Monday Minute – Time For Change! Start Small

by Rick Ellis, Ellis Consulting Group

Big results rely on small steps.

2018 is here! Time for New Year Resolutions. You’re really going to change this time, right? This is the year you are determined to reach those goals that will make your life healthier, happier, different, and more satisfying. Right? Time for change! Are you sure?

Consider this:

  • Change is a journey and it comes with pain. And stress. If you make it to the end, things are different. For the better. If your change does not include pain, then there is probably no real gain. Stress-free change doesn’t transform. And if you stress about something not worth changing, that gets you nowhere.
  • Change is a process best taken in small steps. There are exceptions but these BIG step changes typically take place in a rehab center. Take the small step now. That is better than planning the big step for later. You have heard it before. How do you eat an apple? (or an elephant!) One bite at a time. Write out the resolution and then bullet point the steps that will get you there. Step 1 is always the same; start now.
  • If you do nothing, change of some kind will happen, regardless. Bad habits will worsen and become more harmful to you and others. Your unsatisfying job will only make you less fulfilled. And your life will get less meaningful if you don’t make that change you know you desperately need. Choosing “no resolution” might create a ride you don’t want to take.

Start the journey. Take the first step now, Right Now! You will come out a better person.

Me? I’m determined to watch less Netflix and read more soul-satisfying and uplifting books. I will start now! One step at a time.

Rick Ellis, CAM, CPM