Members Helping Members

The Community Enrichment Center is one of many AATC members that specializes in making a little bit go a long way to help those in need. For 30 years, the CEC has been a partner in change for our Northeast Tarrant low-income neighbors.  The CEC has continued to grow and expand our services to assist and empower victims of family violence, homeless and low-income families and seniors across Tarrant County.  Today, the CEC works directly with these families and individuals to move them out of crisis and into stability through employment readiness,  high school equivalency, financial coaching, counseling, safe housing, food and basic necessities.

The most recent service project organized by the AATC PSC Advisory Council benefited the CEC. An online registry was set up based on CEC’s current needs, and our PSC members were able to purchase food to be sent to the AATC office. Once all items were received, a “Christmas tree” was built out of the canned goods and other items, which was presented to the CEC. When everything was delivered, we learned that our members contributed over 1000 pounds of food, which made a huge difference right before the holidays.

If you are interested in volunteering at The Community Enrichment Center, please visit their website to view available opportunities.