Meet New Board Member: Tony Sims

“I used to play in a rock and roll band back in the ’80s called Black Label – like the whiskey.”

 That’s a fun and surprising fact about the new AATC Board of Directors member Tony Sims, Territory Manager for Century AC Supply. His rock-god status aside (still can’t get over that), to help you get to know Tony a little better, AATC asked him about his professional experience and his life outside the industry.

Tell us about your current job? I’m currently a Territory Manager for Century AC Supply. I’ve been in the HVAC business for 29-years. I’ve done about every HVAC job: a warehouses man, counter sales, manager, and outside sales.

What was your first job? My first actual job after high school was driving a truck for Dr. Pepper.

Tell us about your family? I have a beautiful wife, Donna, and two children: Ariel and Kyle. Ariel is married and is a dental hygienist. Kyle is in college, studying to be an IT security specialist.

Where were you born and raised? I’m a 100% East Texan. I was born in Tyler and lived in Swan for 14-years. For those of you that don’t know, Tyler and Wood Springs are suburbs of Swan! We moved to the big city of Athens when I was 15, where I graduated from Athens High school.

Tell us about your mentors: Personally, my brother. Professional, there have been many, but currently, my two supervisors: Todd Shadden and Kourtney Miller. With Todd’s and Kourtney’s support and guidance, I’ve grown substantially.

What is the best professional advice you have received? Two things: 1) never give up, and 2) set goals.

What does it take to be an excellent leader? It’s simple: listen more than talk.

What school and industry education classes had the most significant impact on you? By far, taking my CAS. The CAS program really helped me understand more about the business side of the multifamily housing industry.

If you could teach a class at AATC, what would it be and why? Understanding your HVAC system

What advice would you give someone considering a career as a supplier in the multifamily housing industry? Be upfront and honest.

How has your involvement with AATC professionally and personally benefited you? My relationship with AATC helped me get established in the multifamily housing industry. Being active with AATC has also increased my knowledge of the multifamily housing industry.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work? Donna and I love to take our RV and go camping with our friends.

Tony may not have made it in the music business, but because he gives of himself, he has Rock Star status with AATC!! I still can’t picture him with long hair and platform shoes! 

Candy Maxey, Greystar, is AATC President