May President’s Letter

by Candy Maxey, AATC President, Greystar

AATC is Better Together

There are lots of great reasons for people to invest in the Apartment Association. You hear and see us talk about them all the time. Our lease forms are the best in the business. Our education classes are innovative, engaging, and motivational. We have great relationships with the vast majority of our elected leaders. They actually listen to us! Our networking programs are among the most successful and productive in the nation. Yes, I can go on and on and on…

My head is telling me the Apartment Association of Tarrant County is a great value for everyone engaged in the apartment business, but my heart is reminding me, as we begin a slow transition away from isolation, there’s something far more important – we’re better together! It is not just the products, programs, initiatives, and activities that make us invaluable; it’s the people; it’s you!

You’re going to see our new “better together” slogan pretty much everywhere during the coming months. We’ll be using it as a reminder of what’s most important to us. AATCs people are what make us strong. You are the foundation of this organization.

When we serve on a committee designing education classes – we do it better together. When we play golf as a means of providing money for our political action committee fund – we do it better together. When we sit down across a table and share the latest new gadget, service, or software at The Business Exchange this summer – we’ll do it better together. When we show up to celebrate the best in the business at the Association’s annual Lone Star Awards banquet this coming September – without a doubt, we’ll do it much better together.

As Senator Ted Kennedy once said, “What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us.” As I’m sitting here in my home working alone, my head and my heart are in total agreement, I’m a better, happier person when we’re together. Looking forward to seeing you soon!