Maintenance Mania is Near!

by Tony Sims, Century AC

Maintenance Mania®, presented by HD Supply, is a national program in which maintenance technicians compete against each other in various skill-based games. Not only is it a skill competition, but it is a spirit competition as well. You will see matching shirts, hear company chants, and see all types of competition. Some competitors practice for days, weeks, months on end in preparation for this one night only event. Some companies spend hours making posters, life-size cutouts of their competitor representatives, and show up with props in hand. No matter which type of competitor you are, or which type of competition you come to see, the important thing is that you come.  This is the one event that showcases the talent and dedication shown to us by our maintenance teams day in and day out. AATC and AAGD are so proud to be able to provide this event for our members, as it is a favorite for many.

Region 6 is made up of DFW, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. The top participant from each region, as well as ten wild card competitors, will go on to compete for the National Championship title at the NAA Conference in June. While we can only send one person to compete at the National level, we will be rewarding multiple winners at our event! Each game has a cash prize issued to its top three scorers, as well as cash prizes given to the top 3 competitors with the highest overall scores. But of course, we hope to be able to send someone to Boston this year to once again represent Region 6!

While this event focuses on our maintenance teams, there is an element present for all audiences. We kick off the event with our Crazy Car Competition, where executives build a race car with “relaxed specs” and race them down the track. It’s a fun way to kick off the event, and it gives the participants the opportunity to practice showing their spirit before they cheer on their other participants. In case you didn’t know, a Spirit Award is issued to the management company in attendance who consistently shows the most spirit throughout the night, which is not necessarily determined by who has the highest number in attendance, and not necessarily determined by who is the loudest. How will you and your company show your spirit this year?

Interested? Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Maintenance Mania will be held on Thursday, February 27th at the Irving Convention Center
  2. Registration is open! Register to be a competitor and spectator online at either or Price increases for walk-ins so make sure you get pre-registered!
  3. Participation in all games, INCLUDING the race car event, is required to advance to the National Championship and represent Region 6
  4. Each game will have cash prizes for the the top 3 competitors plus there will be 3 cash prizes for top 3 overall for the entire competition!

This event wouldn’t be possible without the support of our generous sponsors: Arbor Carpet, DeFord’s Supply, Earthworks, Ferguson Facilities, Maintenance Supply HQ, Rasa Floors, and Service Response Team. So make sure you take time to thank them while you are there!

Remember, only the top times will be considered, and all finalists are selected by the National Apartment Association. Even if you just want to see what this event is all about, you will still have a great time. We average an attendance of over 1000 people including competitors and spectators and fun is had by all. Spectator registration is open as well; visit or to reserve your spot. We’ll feed you, too! We hope to see everyone there!