Lone Star Awards & Leadership Celebration Is Around the Corner!

by Darcy Bixby, Westdale, AATC Lone Star Awards Chair

Lone Star Awards Chair, Darcy Bixby, Westdale (left); and LSA Title Sponsor, Kristen Vick, Stowe's (right), are dressed to the nines to bring you the best LSA event yet.

Come one, come all! It’s that time of year again- time for our Lone Star Awards Leadership Celebration presented by Stowe’s Independent Services. With the event just around the corner and the registration deadline quickly approaching, we could not be more excited to celebrate a room full of superstars. After a year of waiting, it’s finally here!

Please join us at a new venue, the Fort Worth Convention Center, on Friday, September 28th. Registration opens at 5:15 pm and the banquet doors open at 6 o’clock. This year’s theme is Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so channel your inner Audrey and prepare to enjoy breakfast for dinner. The ceremony will begin with our AATC president, Sherry Jordan with LumaCorp, giving her annual report and reflecting on the past year. We will then shift to the installation of our incoming president, Nicolle Block with AMLI, and can’t wait to hear her visions for the upcoming year. Our event hosts will then return to the stage and announce the winners for our 13 Lone Star Award categories. You won’t want to miss it!

With the exception of one new category this year, all existing categories honoring individuals will look familiar to you. We will continue to recognize the following: Leasing Consultant of the Year, Assistant Manager of the Year, Property Manager of the Year Under 300 Units, Property Manager of the Year Over 300 Units, Property Supervisor of the Year, Maintenance Supervisor of the Year Under 300 Units, and Maintenance Supervisor of the Year Over 300 Units. Looking at this list, you may notice an important piece of the puzzle missing, which makes me delighted to discuss our brand new category for Service Support of the Year. Service Support includes any maintenance position aside from the Lead Maintenance Tech. The beauty of this category is the wide variety of positions who qualify for this award, and we were so pleased to see the same wide variety of nominations out of the gate.

This year, we also took the Property of the Year Awards and Community Team of the Year Awards and combined them into 4 Community of the Year Awards. The goal is to take a look at both sides of the coin, and when you have an outstanding property AND team, then your community shines like a new penny! We are excited to present winners for all new Community categories this year, including Community of the Year Built Before 1975, Community of the Year Built Between 1976-1989, Community of the Year Built Between 1990-2014, and Community of the Year Built Between 2015-2017. Brand new this year is also our Senior Community of the Year Award. We can’t wait to showcase all of our nominated communities throughout AATC!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor and distinct privilege to present to you the best-of-the-best in the Multifamily industry! See you there!

For a complete list of nominees and event information, visit our website.

Darcy Bixby, Westdale, is AATC’s Lone Star Awards Chair. Contact Annie Williams at awilliams@aatcnet.org or call 817-616-0355 for details about this event.