Latest New AATC Members!

Introducing our new members! As always, we invite all our onsite, property staff and owners to shop our members first for any of their product or service needs. Also, word of mouth is the best way to recruit new members, so encourage your colleagues to visit and see the benefits of membership today!

For 50 years, AATC has been a driving force behind the multifamily industry and we grow each and every year. With over 900 properties in our database, we service over 208,000 apartment homes in Tarrant and surrounding counties. In addition, we have over 400 owner/manager members and over 400 supplier partner companies that service these properties and management companies. Together, we are a catalyst for great commerce and industry.

New Supplier Members

AEI Corporation, Gas Grill & Outdoor Heating Equipment

Apex Renovation & Construction, General Contractors

CGJ Roofing, Roofing Contractors

Innovative Parking Management, Towing & Wrecker Service

Strategic Response Unit, Security Guard/ Patrol Service

New Properties and Management Companies
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Arlington Park

Brownstone Residential

Nueva Vista Apartments

Pascual Munoz

Riverside Place

Waypoint Management Services