July President’s Letter

Half and Half

I am sure you are wondering what that means? Am I referring to creamer for your coffee, am I meeting you in the middle on something, or am I referring to something else? Depending on where your mind is, your answer may vary. I am actually referring to 2019. On July 1st, we crossed the halfway mark and are officially on the downhill slope for this year. Is that even possible? Many of us in this industry measure our work lives in Quarters. Q3 has officially begun. Before we know it, the budget season will be upon us and then we will be thrust right into the Holiday Season. That’s the way it always goes, right? We wake up and it is January and we are back in the same pattern, making the same resolutions, which we intended to do, but struggle to keep.

What if you recalibrate right now? I chose this path last year with my health. I made an agreement with myself that if I started now with a healthier routine, then I could just stay consistent when it came to the New Year. You know what, it worked! You don’t have the same pressures or constrictions when you make a midyear resolution…why is that? Maybe it is the way we approach it. You may very well have the same goal and that is perfectly fine. You are now in a different place and can pivot to change course.  You can recalibrate and make small changes to bring you closer to your goal. Small changes turn into BIG changes! Again, achieving anything worth having is focused on the journey, as much as it is the destination. You may not 100% be consistent by the end of the year, but if you assess your current position now and back into your strategy to get to your goal – you are making progress! Celebrate the wins and learn from the setbacks. That is how we improve. If approach your goals in this manner, then come January 1, 2020 – you may not have to start over!

Speaking of celebrating the wins…we hope you will join us as we celebrate the Best of the Best, Friday, September 27th at The Fort Worth Convention Center. This is one of our “Can’t Miss” Events each year and we hope to see all of you there! Best of luck to all of the nominees, and we look forward to celebrating our winners.

Take a look at where you are and where you are going! 

Let’s finish this year STRONG!

Shoulders Back – Heart Open,