Is Human Trafficking Happening on Your Property?

by Gregory Ann Goldrick, AATC's Director of Career Development

Human Trafficking – I’ve heard about it, watched documentary’s about it, but I haven’t really let it sink in as to what IT is and what IT does and who IT impacts.

Human trafficking is slavery. At its essence, it is the exploitation of vulnerability. The two most common forms of human trafficking are commercial sex trade and forced labor. The ILO (international labor organization) estimates that 98% of sex trafficking victims across the globe are women and children. This is a highly-organized and lucrative business, with the traffickers making $150 billion a year (globally) buying and selling people.

We work in the apartment industry and most communities have on an average 250 units per community. That’s an average of 500+ people living in close proximity.

It’s important to know who your residents are and when unusual activity is occurring. It’s hard to think human trafficking could occur and most times we aren’t aware or even know what to look for. Just recently I was speaking with two regional property managers who said they are dealing with this very issue at a couple of their communities.

The ultimate goal is to  * PREVENT * IDENTIFY * EMPOWER * and to discuss with your onsite teams anything unusual and to know when to reach out to law enforcement.

Join us for another installment of our Breakfast Club, September 19th at AATC, where we’ll be joined by George Lynch from Traffick911 along with Charles Stroud and Robert Crane will be on hand to discuss the what SIGNS to look and listen for. Do you know the jargon and certain words, that if hear them, you’ll know trafficking is occurring? You’ll also learn when to contact law enforcement if you encounter a trafficking situation, but most importantly this session is designed to make you aware and awareness is the key to fighting Human Trafficking. While this is not an easy topic, it’s one that needs to be discussed continuously.

Gregory Ann Goldrick is AATC’s Director of Career Development. For more information on any of AATC’s educational programs, you can contact Gregory at 817-616-0358 or email her at