Introducing AATC’s New President: Nicolle Block

by John Mitchell, AATC's CEO

Nicolle Block – Laughing Out Loud; Loving Even Louder!

If required to post a sticky note on the side of a fridge that best fits the association’s new president, it would likely exclaim, “Laugh out loud and love even louder!” For me, that catchy little phrase describes Nicolle Block, AMLI Residential’s Area Vice-President. “I’ve been so fortunate in my life and want to share my gratitude with everyone,” says our newly installed madam president. “When we have more than we need, it’s time to build a longer table—not a higher fence.”

Nicolle, of course that’s spelled with two ‘L’s, is a native north Texan. She was born in Arlington and raised right next door in Dalworthington Gardens – the oldest of 11 grandkids and 10 great grands. “When I was a kid, most weekends were spent at my grandparent’s house. Back then, life was about family … playing with cousins along dirt roads using lots of imagination – a fantastic way to grow up,” said Block. “We didn’t have much, but we were rich in relationships – something I cherish to this day.”

Without a doubt, family is Nicolle’s most valuable commodity; a priority beyond all others. “My husband Kenny is my biggest support with a lust for life that’s inspiring,” says his sweetheart Nicolle. “And my beautiful sons Drew and Brennan reflect the best parts of me; driving good decisions, making me want to be the best mom possible. Raising well-rounded, responsible contributors to our society is the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I’ll ever do. The mark I leave on this world will most likely be who I’m raising!”

Nicolle has a plan to learn something new every single day. Although college wasn’t the highest family priority, she put herself through school over 20-years including 4 as a single mom, earning a degree in psychology and criminology in 2014 from UTA. As her AMLI team will tell you, “she may not catch anyone, but she’ll sit them down and make them talk through whatever it was that we did. Ahhh!”

“There’s great value in learning something new every time there’s an opportunity,” says our president. “I’ve earned CAPS and CAMT credentials as well as an EPA certification and love teaching for our trade associations at every level. Watch out – when I’m on the other side of this association CEO gig, I’ll be seriously considering grad-school.”

Block says she’s had a pretty boring career trajectory…although no one will agree. She worked in a clothing store through high school, but her most interesting job has been right beside her grandfather, a logistics engineer who owned his own company and worked on F15 and F16 flight simulators. Block explains, “between clothing and technology clients, I’ve learned to assess people’s needs and build rapport PDQ.”

“When I was in college, I needed a place to live and the leasing office was hiring,” explained AATCs new president. “I started as a leasing consultant for Archstone in 1998 and worked in every capacity including acquisitions, dispositions and development, right up to regional management until they were purchased in 2013.” After my time as a regional with Gables, Nicolle has been a member of AMLI Residential’s regional team for nearly 4-years now. “Each of these companies have aligned perfectly with my core values – great service, a great culture and a great brand,” says Block.

“I loved dancing to jazz as well as ballet and was captain of my high school drill team,” Nicolle reminisced. “I was a member of the National Honor Society, played violin and enjoyed theater as well as choreography while growing-up. Even though these extracurricular activities were my focus as a kid, I think most colleagues, friends and family these days will tell you I’m always ready for a good debate.”

When challenged to describe a mentor who influenced her the most, Nicolle paused and with a genuine smile responded, “That has to be my grandfather; a smart, larger than life, kind to a fault, willing to help everyone kind-a-guy. He lit up a room with his charisma and used his energy to bring people together.” Without hesitation she continued, “He taught me family wasn’t easy, but always worth whatever it took. So many of the good things about me are because of my grandfather’s influence. I miss him – every – single – day.”

“Professionally, I have to mention two very important women,” says Nicolle Block. “Tami Martin and Traci Hall mean the world to me. They’re the reason I’m the apartment association’s president. They’re amazing industry leaders, wives, mothers, cherished mentors and friends – truly they are incredible examples for all of us.”

“My vision this year is to inspire the association’s members,” says our new president. “Please don’t phone-it-in – show up, ask questions, learn and get involved. That’s the very best way to ensure a big return on your investment. We’re looking to build bench strength, develop the next generation of leaders who’ll assume intentional roles building a better tomorrow. When our careers and passions collide – it’s a beautiful thing. I’ve got a lot more to give and hope you do as well; so, get ready…all set…let’s go!”

Nicolle Block is the apartment association’s 48thpresident during the past 51 years. For information regarding anything related to AATC, check out the web site or reach out to our chief elected officer at nblock@amli.comor AATCs chief executive officer, John Mitchell at