Introducing AATCs New Leaders

by Cindi Scoggins, Westdale, AATC Nominating Committee Chair

I recently had the privilege of chairing the Apartment Association’s annual Nominating Committee discussions. Without a doubt, picking future leaders is one of the most important things we do. Our job is strictly governed by AATCs bylaws which require us to select seven new executive officers and eight new directors who’ll be charged with overseeing the association’s business affairs during the year to come.

My committee, both appointed and elected, included a broad cross-section of DFW’s multifamily elite, including our current president, Sherry Jordan; our most recent president, Char McCurdy; and our president-elect – Nicolle Block, Also included this fantastic group is Candy Maxey, Charles Stroud, Brenda Carpenter, Patti Utley and Laura Williams. I sincerely appreciate the careful and thoughtful attention each of these wonderful people gave to the nominating process.

Without hesitation we unanimously recommend the following slate of officers who’ll be asked to serve 1-year terms of office beginning in October 2018: our President – Nicolle Block, AMLI Residential; President-elect – Candy Maxey, Greystar; Treasurer – Jason Busboom, Busboom Group; Vice-president PSC – Chris Lee, Earthworks; Secretary – Michael Payne, Allmark; obviously, our Immediate Past-president will be – Sherry Jordan, LumaCorp; while our other Past-president recommendation is – Char McCurdy, Madera.

We also had the privilege of carefully considering a slate of 8 new directors who’ll be asked to serve 2-year terms of office from October 2018 through September 2020. After careful consideration we’re recommending: Cayce Coon, Madera; Darcy Bixby, Westdale; Dawn Waye, CityGate; Jinger Lane, Lincoln; Paul Brown, Maintenance Supply HQ; Brenda Carpenter, MFI; Jeff Duerstock, Reliant; and Charles Stroud, CSC ServiceWorks.

2018-2019 Executive Officer Nominees


In addition to these newly-elected directors, we have another group of 7-directors with 1-more year to serve through September 2019 including: Doug Johnson, Hillwood; Anita Hord, Pace; Patti Utley, BH Management; Adam Keck, Camp Construction; Keith McAndrew, The Liberty Group; Victor Huhem, Huhem Law Firm; and Laura Williams, ALN. Our current board will be asked to consider another new director replacing Jason Busboom who’ll move to an executive officer chair.

We also have a PSC selection committee who meets each June to select our newest PSC advisory board. This group of 7 new top-notch vendor-partners includes its chair – Jackie Cagle, Rasa Floors; and chair-elect – Jeff Duerstock, Reliant; as well as Chris Lee, Earthworks; Becca Brown, BG Multi-housing; James Giddens, Sherwin-Williams; Bob Duff, Behr Paint; Johnny Kammerer, Accent Pool; Amy Alverez, MFI; and Adam Keck, Camp Construction. Note that our PSC chair serves as a voting member of AATCs board of directors.

To round-out AATCs incoming leadership team, our president-elect Nicolle Block has selected an exceptional group of program chairs. Beginning this October our newest group of 24 committee, task force, council and foundation leaders includes: Government Affairs, Budget and our Education Foundation – Jason Busboom, Busboom Group; our 2019 Business Exchange & the Bedford Legal Fund – Ian Mattingly, LumaCorp; 2019 Epicurean Dinner co-chairs – Anthony Wonderly, Olympus and Mike Follis,; Golf (the Monster Mash & Spring Fling) – Wesley Chapman, Green Mountain Energy; PAC & Governance – Candy Maxey, Greystar; Homeless Veterans as well as Next Gen – Cayce Coon, Madera; Leadership Lyceum – Darcy Bixby, Westdale; our Care Team and the 2019 Trade Show – Becca Brown, BG Multifamily; PSC – Jackie Cagle, Rasa; this year’s 2018 Trade Show – Jeff Duerstock, Reliant; Membership – Lani Grant, Impact Floors; IRO – Brian Downer, Community Enrichment Center ; Education – Anita Hord, as well as our education chair-elect – Amy Alverez, MFI; The Divas Cup – myself, Cindi Scoggins, Westdale; Maintenance Mania – Adam Keck, Camp Construction; our 2019 Lone Star Awards – Patti Utley, BH Management; Community Service (the Toy Drive and Bowling Tournament) – Keith McAndrew, The Liberty Group; and last but certainly not least, Communications – Laura Williams, ALN.

This is the an amazing group we’re proud to announce will be leading the Apartment Association of Tarrant County from October 2018 through September next year.

Our bylaws require this slate of officers and directors to be submitted to our members in August, inviting additional recommendations in writing along with the signed consent of each nominee and a petition signed by 10% of the association’s members. These additional nominees must be submitted to me by August 20 and will be added to a ballot distributed to our members by no later than September 1. If no additional nominees are submitted, the proposed slate will be deemed elected as reflected in the recommendations above.

During AATCs prestigious annual Lone Star Awards Leadership Celebration – scheduled to start at 6 pm on Friday, September 28th, at a brand-new location – the Fort Worth Convention Center, our newest group of association leaders will take the stage representing the DFW multi-family industry as we advocate, educate, network and do our best to inspire your dreams and ambitions during the year to come.

Cindi Scoggins is Vice-president of Westdale Residential; is an AATC past-president and served as our 2018 Nominating Committee Chair. For more info on AATCs slate of officers and directors, please reach out to AATCs CEO, John Mitchell at