How the West was Won!

Between 1866 and 1890, drovers trailed more than 4 million head of cattle through Fort Worth and the city soon grew to be known as “Cowtown.”  Fort Worth was more than a place to auction cattle.  It was a source of comfort to the weary traveler; a place where a cowboy could get a new lease on life.  The city claimed fame to business, but also provided access to a hot bath, food, entertainment and sleep.

When the railroad arrived in 1876, Fort Worth became one of the major shipping points for livestock, so the city built Union Stockyards.  It soon attracted out of state investors with its pens full of cattle and eventually was purchased and renamed the Fort Worth Stockyards.

Journey back with us to Fort Worth, Texas in the late 1800’s. Imagine you are traveling the Chisolm Trail on horseback with 2500 – 3000 head of cattle.  A month into the trip you’re almost out of supplies and in need of some serious rest. You’ve experienced the Texas floods, tornadoes, and extreme heat.  The only thing on your mind is Fort Worth, Texas.  It is the last stop for rest and supplies before you cross the Red River into Indian Territory.

Fast forward to late October 2016.  Imagine you have toured clients, owners, investors, and potential residents day in and day out for months.  You’ve almost experienced all four weather seasons in one month.  You’re tired, thirsty, hungry and nearing burn out.  Final budget approvals are the last action items on your list before crossing into November where the holiday season shifts into full gear.  The Wild West Casino Party is your last opportunity to relax and have some fun.

H2O Plumbing to the rescue!  They are sponsoring the Wild West Casino Party on October 27th from 6 PM to 9PM in the Historic Downtown Fort Worth Stockyards.  The evening will include food, drinks, and dancing along with black jack, roulette, and craps.

To top off the night we have booked not just one, but two bands.  Opening at 7 PM is Big in Vegas.  These former members of Looee, Stetson, Montana, Landslide, Teazer, Inside Straight, Midlife Crisis, and Steel Horses have put together a unique mix of blues, southern rock and classic rock. Music ranges from the old classics and one hit wonders, to todays hits. All the music you love hearing on the radio and love to dance to.  “Being lifelong friends and playing the Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus area for over 25 years, we thought we should form a band together, since we have all played in bands with each other, but not all at the same time

Headlining the evening is Deryl Dodd!  Texas born musician, singer, songwriter and producer, Deryl Dodd, AKA “The Double D”, has had a long and colorful career, entering the music scene in Waco, Texas in 1987. “People ask me how you get into the music business. You just get out there and do it. You’ve got to have great love and passion for it. It’s important to know your strengths and limitations, and when doors open, be prepared when you walk in.” Dodd pours his soul, passion and humor into all his musical efforts. A couple of Deryl Dodd’s songs to hit the top of the charts are Feels Like Home and The Bitter End.  “I have been blessed to make music for this long. I never had a plan, still don’t. But, I hope it’s made a difference and done something good for somebody. That’s the whole reason I started doing it.”

We hope you will take some much needed R & R and join us for the Wild West Casino Party on Thursday, October 27th in the historic downtown Fort Worth Stockyards.  Registration is open at  Members are $55 and non-members are $65. Parking passes will be emailed upon registration.   Cancellations after Friday, October 23rd will not be issued a refund.

Paul Beckingham, Pinnacle, and Jackie Cagle, Rasa Floors, are AATC’s 2016 Casino Party Co-Chairs. For more information on our Wild West Casino Party, contact Gayla McCown, AATC’s
Director of Member Services, at or call her at 817-616-0355.