Giving Credit Where It’s Due – Pillow Talk

by Perry Pillow, AATC's Director of Government Affairs

I recently attended numerous graduation ceremonies and celebrations.  At each of these, the graduate(s) took time to thank those that made the achievement possible (parents, grandparent, friends, pastors, mentors, etc.).

My favorite graduation event involved high school seniors honoring a teacher who had the most significant influence on their academic career.  The principal would ask the high school senior and their nominee to join him on the stage.  The principal would then read the student’s essay outlining how and why this teacher impacted their life.  As expected, high school language arts, science, theater, social studies, and math teachers, as well as, coaches were chosen (some by multiple students).

Of the forty plus student-teacher pairs, one stood out.  A student chose to honor her kindergarten teacher! The student’s essay explained that she was a very shy and timid child, but from the first day through the entire kindergarten year, this teacher always greeted the student at the car drop-off point with a smile and a “how are you today—so glad you are here.”

Student and teacher got a tear-filled, standing ovation.

Shakespeare, differential equations, and human geography pale in comparison to sincere, consistent acceptance.  Academic pursuits and hard work are worth it, but kindness reinforced self-worth.

When you greet a resident on their way to the fitness center or say hello a supplier partner working on your property, remember, this kindergarten teacher.  It’s the small things that have the greatest impact.

ARLINGTON MULTIFAMILY WORKSHOP – AATC participates in the City of Arlington Code Compliance department’s annual Multifamily Workshops.  The next workshop is on June 13th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Bob Duncan Center (2800 South Center, Arlington TX 76104).  This year’s topics include presentations by Arlington police department, Arlington Housing Authority, development department, and Justices of the Peace.  To register, contact Steve Allen ( or (817) 459-6271).

ARLINGTON RECYCLING – Arlington city council members are considering proposals to mandate recycling for new multifamily constructions, and, potentially, for all multifamily properties throughout the city. AATC is working with Arlington city council members and staff to ensure that any mandated program includes the choice of method (dumpster, valet bags, carts, etc.), frequency (weekly, daily, monthly, etc.), and provider.

FORT WORTH DESIGN STANDARDS – Fort Worth city council is considering updates to its multifamily development and zoning codes that address density, setbacks, and exterior design standards.

BEDFORD – Following an unsuccessful mediation in May, AATCs board approved a continuation of our lawsuit. A trial on the merits of our case has been re-scheduled in district court on March 18, 2019.

FORT WORTH – The 2018 Fort Worth Municipal Summit will be held at Victory Forest Community Center (3427 Hemphill, Fort Worth, TX 76110) on September 12th from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.  This year’s summit features presentations by the Fort Worth Code Compliance, Police, Fire, and Community Development.  In addition, there will be a mock eviction trial featuring Justice of the Peace Lisa Woodard and AATC member attorneys. To register to go, visit:

JUNE 28th LUNCH & LAW – This month’s Lunch & Law features “When a Resident Files Bankruptcy” present by AATC member attorney Daniel Paz from The Paz Firm. To register, visit

RICHLAND HILLS – AATC is working with city officials to create a new multifamily inspection ordinance focused primarily on substandard apartment properties.