Giving Back to the Future

by John Mitchell, AATC's CEO

On September 27th Candy Maxey was introduced during AATC’s prestigious Lone Star Leadership Celebration as our 48th president; serving one of the nation’s leading Associations as its chief elected officer during a 52-year run representing the multifamily industry in north-central Texas.

Candy is a native Texan. In fact, she was born and raised in Dallas-Fort Worth. She’s a Lake Highlands High School and Texas A&M grad (Whoop!) as well as a multifamily lifer. “My dad tagged me with my ‘Candy’ nickname before I even left the hospital,” said Anna Marlene McMillan Maxey. “I was very close to both of my parents and my paternal grandparents as well.”

Candy has been married to her husband Buck for 15-years. She grew up attending First Baptist Dallas where she has worshiped and served as an active member her entire life. “I was a member of the drill team in high school, played soccer and sang in the church choir,” said Candy. She continues enjoying an active lifestyle to this day.

“My grandmother ran her own small brokerage office and I spent a lot of time helping her,” explained AATCs new president. “She inspired me to give real estate a try, so I started as a temp and then launched my career leasing apartments after college. I’ve always been focused on the multifamily business.”

Candy has invested time with several outstanding management companies during her professional tenure including Paragon, Dalcor, GFS of Texas (now Pinnacle), CWS, Village Green and now Greystar. “I had the privilege of working as a property manager within a year after I started out leasing apartments,” said Maxey. “With the exception of a 2-year tour as a training director, I’ve served as a regional property manager; my passion since 10-years out of college.”

Candy and Buck enjoy the companionship of 2 dogs and spend their spare time traveling. “I love exploring new places,” said Candy. “I’ve been to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tahiti; love the mountains as well as the beach. I hope to one day see a great deal of Europe and perhaps return to the lure of the South Pacific.”

“My mother and grandmother were the most significant influences in my life,” said AATCs new president. “They taught me the importance of honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic. They encouraged me to be self-sufficient, as well as kind and respectful to other people. Although both my parents and grandparents have passed on, the lessons they modeled have provided a rock-solid foundation for my approach to business.”

Candy is always quick to give credit to others for the servant-leader she has become. “My older brother served as a “stand-in” father since my dad passed away when I was in college,” said Maxey. “When it comes to examples, I’d also have to acknowledge a few of my friends and colleagues including Earl Shanks, Jeff Hoster, Rick Graff, and Dawn Waye. Each of these special people have played a significant role in helping me grow as a leader for more than 20 years.”

“I have to say, believe it or not, I’ve never had a ‘bad’ job,” said Maxey. “I’ve been blessed working beside so many wonderful people. Greystar has afforded me with an amazing culture. They invest a lot of time and resources in their people; as did Pinnacle for many years. It has been exciting to learn something valuable and new everywhere I’ve had to privilege to serve.”

As Candy looks to her year serving the Association as its new President, servant-leadership is her number-1 focus. “I want to help others find productive ways to give something back to the industry providing them with a paycheck,” says Maxey. “I want the Association’s leaders to set an example for those coming-up next so we’ll always rest assured the industry we serve will continue as a strong, essential part of our business culture.”

When asked to provide her favorite bit of advice – “Don’t sweat the little stuff,” Candy quickly adds to the conversation. “Live life to its fullest and always be ready to serve.”

John Mitchell serves as the Association’s chief executive officer. For additional info on any of AATC’s programs, events or leadership functions, go to or reach out to John at