Get Your CAPS in 2019!

Within every company, there is always a person (or persons) that become the gears that power the engines to keep the company going. These people become the glue that everything sticks to—the one thing that could force everything to fall apart if the glue came off. We come to depend on these people. They have answers and solutions, they are problem-solvers. Also, in most cases, they are strong leaders; continually sharing their expertise and experience to those that follow them.

Many job positions within the multifamily industry can easily meet the description above but few meet the bill more than the Regional Property Supervisor. They have many titles, such as Regional Vice President, Regional Manager, Supervisor, Area VP, etc. Regardless of their title, their goals are one and the same—to ensure the profitability and successful operation of the properties in which they manage. In most cases, it’s multiple properties that span a state, region, or even the entire country. There are likely instances where their job duties put them in international destinations.

At the very least, these Regional Managers have to hire Community Managers to staff their properties, but also, they are usually the direct link between property owners and management company liaisons to ensure that all levels of property operation are intact. They are also the sage advice that all their employees seek when there are trying times on site. Regionals are constantly training and leading. Their daily demands are different every day and they are frequently required to wear many hats. They are the first to call when a property is short a person, or a manager needs legal advice regarding a tenant. They even deal with tenant calls on a daily basis.

There is one constant in every Regional position in the business—they could all benefit from an NAA CAPS Credential. Getting your CAPS will elevate you to a group of people who have learned the common best practices across the nation while also allowing you to apply your own leadership and talents to it. You’ll also have a chance to learn from the best in the industry. Few people know the CAPS curricula more than Brenda Carpenter, MFI; Lani Grant, CAPS, Impact Floors; Sarah Turner, CAPS, CAM, NALP, NAAEI Faculty, Olympus Properties; and Sue Weston, CAM, CAPS, NAAEI Senior Faculty, Alpha-Barnes Real Estate.

Here is a brief rundown of what you’ll learn taking your CAPS:

  • Recruiting high-performing employees
  • Employee performance, engagement, and retention
  • Minimizing conflict through stakeholder communications
  • Ethical behavior and conflicts of interest
  • Annual operating budgets and owner performance objectives
  • Property and portfolio results
  • Due diligence process
  • Property takeover process
  • Capital improvement plans
  • Managing risk through inspections, follow-up procedures, and incident reporting compliance
  • Minimizing legal risk and liability
  • Regulatory agency oversight of assisted housing
  • Analyzing property performance data to inform action
  • Management agreements
  • Evaluating and reporting property performance using key performance indicators

So join us this January as we kick-off our 2019 CAPS Credential Program sponsored by ALN Data. Take the next step in your career as a person who wears too many hats to count. Get signed up here:

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