Find the Masterpiece in You!

Artist fingers with brush, doing artwork

Ladies and Gentlemen: I haven’t been this excited in a long time! So before we go any further, stop what you are doing right now and mark your calendar (trust me!) for November 15, 2016. On this day, The Apartment Association of Tarrant County is changing the way Multifamily Housing views conferences. That’s right! They are leaving behind the old and blazing a new path with THREE Ted-style programs focused on leadership at the 2016 LEAD Conference.

So why am I personally so excited?

I’ve been asked to help kick off this new format AND I am not alone. My name is Barbara Savona and I’m the CEO of Sprout Marketing, a Texas-based advertising agency exclusive to multifamily. On November 15th, I’ll be sharing the stage with Lauren Emmot, our CFO (and my BFF of 20+ years) and Amy Kosnikowski Dilisio, our VP of Business Development, for an action-packed Leadership Conference like no other.

Who should attend?

Everyone. Whether you influence one or one hundred, you are a leader. We all have the ability to impact the lives of others. LEAD is a fresh new platform that allows everyone from the multi housing industry in DFW to experience a LEADERSHIP conference like no other, from suppliers, office staff, maintenance and corporate executives. Countless articles and books have been written on the subject. No doubt, you’ve sat through lectures and discourses that have dissected various tactics, styles, and strategies of leadership. And there is no shortage of “experts” on the subject.

So what makes LEAD different?

LEAD isn’t just a one-dimensional conference with lectures you have to sit through. This is a carefully-crafted, dynamic experience meant to deliver those ah-ha moments focused on leadership and life. Picture the scene: Three stages, three speakers, countless actionable insights.

We are obsessively passionate about leadership. Six years ago, we began our journey of building our company in a highly competitive market with zero outside funding. When every decision affects your personal pocket book and your quality of sleep at night, you hit walls faster and harder than most people ever do. We quickly learned that leaving leadership to chance wasn’t an option if we didn’t want to go broke or crazy. We understand that when it comes to your leadership journey, you don’t always have ideal circumstances, endless budgets or excess time. We also know what it’s like to want to have a high quality of life outside of the 9-5 while juggling a demanding career. This conference offers an intimate and highly transparent look into our journey. We’ll share leadership lessons learned along the way, the one mistake that nearly cost us everything, and what it means for you and your teams.

The first session is highly personal, for us and for you. In order to lead others, you first have to lead yourself. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. Lauren and I will dissect how a leader can know themselves, get clear on their purpose, and ultimately growth hack their success. (Not sure on what growth hack means? Come and find out!)

In the second session, Amy and I work with you to apply your leadership style to engage your teams. You’ll want to be there as we share the HOW and WHY behind aligning our people with their strengths. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of your secret weapon: the raw talent multiplier.

The last session brings it full-circle as all three of us (Barbara, Amy, and Lauren) take the stage to focus on making it ALL work. When we say “all” we aren’t just talking leadership in your 9-5, we are talking Leadership AND LIFE! With growing demands, a 24/7 ON society, and the desire to continue to grow your career, how can we make it all work? You won’t want to miss the climactic finale!

Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up. Taking time to attend the 2016 LEAD Conference is an opportunity to invest in YOU and YOUR TEAMS. I want to personally invite you to be there with Lauren, Amy, and me as we all work to build our Masterpiece life! This conference won’t soon be forgotten. Be a part of it.

Barbara Savona, CEO & Co-Founder, Sprouts Marketing, will be one of our guest presenters at the upcoming LEAD Conference on November 15. For more information on any of AATC’s Education Programs, contact Val Thurwanger at