February is Primed for Learning!

by Lani Grant, Dayrise, and Jodi Spurrell, Milestone Management, DFW Education Co-Chairs.

Join us this February as we bring you to amazing courses for you to sink your teeth into. As part of our persistence quest to keep you in the know regarding the latest in industry trends and best-practices, we are delighted to present our upcoming course offerings to you.

We are kicking off our STAR program on Feb 14, with a special class presented by Bradley Roschyk, CAM, CAPS, NAAEI Faculty. In his words, this class makes you think about how we all sometimes fall into the mundane tasks associated with our personal and professional lives,  including our careers and wonder why we are not getting promoted. If you think you may need a kick start to change this and become a person of action then you should attend this course, Vision Quest-Unlocking the Secrets to Effective Leadership. This class will broaden your horizons by teaching you how to have a clear vision, how to write effective goals to achieve that vision and how you can share that vision with others to achieve both personal and professional success!

Then join us on Feb 27 for our highly successful Leasing 101 program. This class is designed for all Leasing Consultants, whether new to our industry or seasoned leasing professionals that need a “refresher”.  It’s designed to get back to the basics in the 21st century by educating and guiding Leasing Consultants through their everyday responsibilities, including closing the sale and resident retention. Attendees will have an opportunity to brainstorm with peers, discuss current challenges, and learn new ways to overcome objections. All who attend should walk away feeling motivated, energized and ready to use the industries best-practices!

One more thing, don’t forget about upcoming CAM, CAS, and NALP NAA Credentialing programs. These classes sell out fast, so don’t delay!

For more information, visit our website at http://www.aatcnet.org/upcoming-courses.html or view our online catalog here.