Effectively Managing Front & Back Office Duties

by Debbie Willis

Business leaders must track performance on multiple levels—typically through various reporting systems—to help maintain profitability. For apartment community managers, whose priority is taking care of the community and all of its residents, balancing the time spent between good customer service and effective reporting is a constant struggle. If daily tasks are constantly overshadowed by the need to compile, generate and analyze different reports, then operations and resident retention can suffer.

An effective property management staff will go far beyond just making sure a property runs efficiently from a back-office perspective. These teams also make sure their residents and prospective residents receive a high standard of customer service. They follow up and follow through. Such teams communicate well, maintain transparency and work hard to exceed the expectations of owners, managers and customers.

So to ensure consistency in growing and retaining an apartment community, leadership must hire managers who offer diverse attributes that will help the company’s internal and external growth and retention goals. But those same people may not be the best fit for understanding or executing software programs, legal compliance, accounting principles, human resource challenges or general maintenance practices.

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