Don’t Forget AATC When Planning Your Budget!

by Nicolle Block, AMLI Residential, 2019-2019 AATC President 

In an effort to continue providing the best services and resources to our members, you may have noticed recent adjustments to the pricing structure for some of our upcoming events, programs, and annual fees. Don’t let this take you by surprise once budget season rolls around—plan ahead now! Below is a list of some events/programs you should keep in mind for your upcoming budget season:

Lunch & Law Seminars

To help you navigate the various legal issues impacting your business, we at AATC (along with the help of our knowledgeable member attorney firms) provide a series of Lunch & Law Seminars chocked full of invaluable content to you and your business. Lunch & Law seminars are one-hour, over-lunch discussions on hot legal topics facing our industry. Our 2019 topics include hoarding, service/support animals; domestic violence, death of a resident, holding-over, and application fraud. These sessions are great opportunities to interact with an AATC member lawyer on a less formal basis. We’re providing these fantastic seminars for the low price of $75 with lunch included! For more information or to register for our upcoming Lunch & Law seminar, click here.

Education Classes

We know keeping up with the latest is vital to your success, so our award-winning education programs reflect countless opportunities to learn from the best. That’s why we’re determined to provide you with all the basics for your multi-housing experience. The best of the best never stop learning! To see a catalog of our Fall courses and pricing, click here!

STAR Subscription

AATC’s Education STAR Education Subscription has been created to give you more access to industry programs at a discounted price. When enrolling in the STAR Subscription, the staff at your property have the opportunity to attend all eligible classes, seminars, and programs without worrying about the cost! We’ve designed this package so every position within a property/company can enjoy an outstanding training class that will develop their skills to allow them to better perform in their role. For the low price of $499 annually, you and your team members can attend approximately 20 AATC education courses for FREE – that’s over $1,500 in training/education savings for your budget! STAR Subscription registration will open in November, so make sure to plan for it now! Click here for more details!

Lone Star Awards Leadership Celebration

Not only is it our annual AATC installation, but it’s also where we recognize the best of the best in the industry. Each year, AATC reviews hundreds of nominees to award only a select few for the prestigious Lone Star Award across 14 award categories. To be nominated for a Lone Star Award is an honor in itself, and to be recognized as a Lone Star Award recipient is a true mark of excellence. Registration will be the discounted rate of $95 if you pre-pay and $105 if you choose to be billed. Limited walk-in registrations may be available the day of the event. We hope you’ll join us on Friday, September 27th at the Fort Worth Convention Center to help us welcome our new leadership team and celebrate all the deserving award nominees! Register and find out more information about this event here!


As of June 2019, our annual membership dues increased – don’t let this take you by surprise when it comes time to renew! We pride ourselves in providing the best services and events to our members, and we want to continue being your go-to resource! AATC is YOUR trade association. Not only are you supporting our strong advocacy initiatives, but you also have the opportunity to network and grow your business, take part in multiple professional development opportunities, and even serve in a volunteer capacity on any of our committees. We’re happy to have you as part of the ATAC Family! Updated annual membership fees are listed below and can also be found here on our website:

New Dues Rates Effective June 1, 2019:
Product/Service Members: $450
IRO/Corporate/Property Members: $250 base + $2.25 per unit

For more information on any of the AATC programs and initiatives discussed in this article, please contact a staff member at 817-284-1121 or via email at