Doing the Right Things

by Jeff Hoster, KWH Energy Solutions, AATC's Nominating Committee Chair

A well-known quote by author and educator Peter Drucker recently reminded me that, “management is about doing things right while leadership is about doing the right things.” During my tenure as a multi-family owner-manager, as well as for the past several years as a supplier-partner, this fundamental approach to my daily work ethic has served me well.

In my latest volunteer role serving as AATCs Nominating chair, I thoroughly enjoyed working with a dedicated group of leaders focused on the Association’s future. As pastor, lecturer and author John Maxwell once said, “Leadership isn’t about titles, positions or flowcharts. It’s about one life influencing another.” That was our job – picking great people with a burning desire to influence an exceptional association of people that work hard each day to provide comfortable homes for hundreds of thousands of people.

Before unveiling our future, let me thank the team that put it all together. My sincere appreciation goes out to our 2019 Nominating Committee including Nicolle Block – AMLI Residential; Jason Busboom – Busboom Group; Jeff Duerstock – Updater; Candy Maxey – Greystar; Sherry Jordan – LumaCorp; Michael Payne – Allmark; Charles Stroud – ATI; and Dawn Waye – CityGate. Our job was to carefully consider and recommend a new slate of AATC officers and directors. To coin an often overused cliché, we were looking for the best of the best.

Following the Association’s bylaws, we’ve selected seven new officers who’ll serve 1-year terms of office beginning in October. In addition, we selected eight new directors who’ve been asked to serve 2-year terms of office through September 2021. Along with another eight directors already in place with another year to go, AATCs 24-member board serves as the governing body of the Association.

Note that our members have an opportunity to nominate additional officers or directors. Doing so requires the signed consent of 10% of AATCs 1,800 members submitted to me by August 20th. If and when this was to happen, we’d distribute a ballot, tally the votes and announce the eventual winners. However, if no additional nominations are received, the slate we’ve presented in this article will be deemed elected as presented.

With all the details in the rearview mirror, it’s now my privilege to present our recommendations for AATCs newest officers:

  • President, Candy Maxey – Greystar
  • President-elect, Jason Busboom – Busboom Group
  • Treasurer, Michael Payne – Allmark
  • Vice-president, Jackie Cagle – Rasa Floors
  • Secretary, Patty Utley – BH Management
  • Immediate Past-president – Nicolle Block, AMLI Residential, and
  • Past-president – Sherry Jordan, LumaCorp

Our new director recommendations include:

  • Mike Follis –
  • John Gillespie – WAK Management
  • Anita Hord – Pace
  • Johnny Kammerer – Accent Pools
  • Mary Margaret Lemons, Fort Worth Housing Solutions
  • Keith McAndrew – Liberty Group
  • April Royal – Capstone, and
  • Tony Sims – Century AC

Another group of directors will accompany this distinguished group of new officers and directors with another year left to serve on their 2-year term including:

  • Darcy Bixby – Westdale
  • Paul Brown – Maintenance Supply HQ
  • Brenda Carpenter – MFI
  • Cayce Coon – Madera
  • Jeff Duerstock – Updater
  • Jinger Lane – Lincoln Property Co
  • Charles Stroud, ATI, and
  • Dawn Waye – CityGate

Note our current board will fill the remaining year of Jeff’s term of office as he moves into our vendor-partner chairmanship. Also, AATC’s board will fill Dawn’s remaining term as she moves into a new leadership role with AAGD. Both of these appointments will take place in September.

The phrase, “doing things right,” embodies tactical thinking. It’s what you’re doing well when you run a profitable business. When your tactical thinking is healthy, that’s when strategic thinking begins. Strategic thinking isn’t “doing things right,” but rather “doing the right things.” Although that may sound a little trivial, it represents a significant difference between managing and leading. It’s what I believe we’ve accomplished by selecting an impressive group of people to lead AATC into the future.

It’s with a great sense of enthusiasm that we humbly submit what we believe is a wonderful slate of new leaders for our members to consider, confirm, and work hard to support. With your approval, we’ll present each nominee to the Association during AATCs Lone Star Awards Leadership Celebration on Friday, September 27th at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

Jeff Hoster with KWH Energy Solutions served as AATCs 34th President in 2004-2005 as well as our most recent Nominating Committee Chair. For additional information regarding AATCs new slate of officers and directors, reach out to Jeff or contact John Mitchell, AATCs chief executive officers at or 214-893-1050.