Distinguished Service

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It wasn’t long after I got started in the apartment business so many years ago that I heard about a man named, Jerry Earnhart. He was one of those “bigger-than-life” types that we’re occasionally blessed to have known. He didn’t own a big management company, he wasn’t a super-star former pro athlete or a politician, nor was he an eloquent world-class keynote speaker. Jerry was extra-special simply because he cared deeply and passionately for the people he felt privileged to be working with as an association volunteer.

AATCs leadership team named our highest recognition for distinguished service over a prolonged period after our dear friend and past-president some 33-years ago. The love and attention Jerry gave to us for many years will forever stand as an unparalleled example of our vision for AATC as a unique trade organization determined to define the marketplace.

In our 50-year history, AATCs board of directors has only presented the Jerry Earnhart Distinguished Service Award 8-times beginning many years ago with the award’s namesake. In the years that followed, we’ve also payed tribute to a handful of our most amazing members including: Dan Odom, Steve Thurber, Terry Jones, Celia Huff, Pierre Rouly, Larry Duncan and Cindi Scoggins.

It was my honor to present AATCs 9th JEDSA to our friend and tireless leader – Mike Clark, a principal with Alpha-Barnes Real Estate Services in Dallas. Mike was a member of AATCs inaugural Leadership Lyceum class, chaired our Government Affairs Committee for many years, served on our board of directors, sat in our executive leadership chair, was elected AATCs president in 2009-2010 and went on to serve as president of AAGD as well as TAA. And if that’s not enough, he continues serving NAA as a Regional Vice President as well as the NAA-NMHC JLT chair. Basically, whenever the multi-family industry needs leadership – they look for our friend, Mike Clark.

Mike Clark, Alpha-Barnes
AATCs 2017 JEDSA Honoree 

Thank you, Mike for all that you do for us!

Char McCurdy is a property supervisor with Madera, served as AATCs president in 2016-2017 and currently serves as AAGDs president-elect. For more information on AATCs JEDSA contact the association’s executive director, John Mitchell at jmitchell@aatcnet.org.