President’s Letter: Core Values

by Candy Maxey, Gretstar, AATC 2019-2020 President

Candy Maxey, Greystar, AATC President

I’m betting your company has adopted a set of core values; guiding principles designed to determine company behavior. Core values often include characteristics like integrity, respect, accountability, and perseverance, not to mention honesty, unselfishness, and self-discipline. If your company has already embraced many of these principles, you’re well on your way to success.

Core values attempt to govern personal relationships, guide business processes and clarify who we are and what we stand for. They’re not intended as a response to unusual market demands or administrative challenges. A company’s core values should be inflexible; no different than your own.

I once heard a wonderful quote that seems to fit well with basic core values. Allow me to share… “We should work to honor those who proceeded us and strive to inspire those who’ll follow.”

The Apartment Association is working hard to represent more than 1,800 members who support rental housing for people calling 200,000 units their home. If you’re new to the game, we have a long legacy of success. Our predecessors left us with a long list of things to celebrate. I often hear people from other parts of the county talk about adopting what we do in Fort Worth.

When we represented you at TAAs winter board meetings last month in Houston, we shared our concerns about escalating insurance premiums as well as better guidelines for emotional support animals. When our leaders travel to Washington DC this month, we’ll be encouraging our elected representatives to seriously consider housing affordability and a list of important regulatory reforms. We’ll spend the time it takes knocking on doors to get our message across to the people you’ve elected to represent North Texas.

Collectively, the apartment industry and its 39 million residents make a $3.4 trillion annual impact on the U.S. economy. That, my friends,
is a really big number. Consequently, we take our volunteer-jobs, as well as our day-jobs very seriously.

When it comes to core values, AATCs leadership team is all the above, but squarely focused on accountability and perseverance when it comes to our stand on the issues. We’re in it to win it no matter how long it takes or who’s sitting in each office in the State capitol or on the Hill.

Candy Maxey works as a regional property manager in DFW for Greystar as well as serving through Sep as AATCs President, our chief elected officer. For additional information regarding advocacy concerns, reach out to Candy at; or Perry Pillow, the Association’s Government Affairs Director at; or John Mitchell, the Association’s CEO at We’re always happy to help you!