Christmas in July!

First, let us give you a little bit of background history: AATC’s primary community service partner is the Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County. Our annual UGM Charity Bowling Tournament raises thousands of dollars each year, which has allowed AATC the opportunity to help UGM in many ways. Over the years we have been able to underwrite their fundraising events, purchase a van, completely redo the children’s playroom areas, provide them with a new indoor sound system, upgrade their outdoor lighting across the entire campus, give a $60,000 check to jumpstart their newly implemented resident assistance program, and much more. While there is no denying the amount of good AATC is able to do for UGM thanks to our generous members and volunteers, last year one of our board members wanted to take things one step further, focusing an effort on the children residents at UGM. This marks the beginning of UGM’s Christmas in July.

Full-time residents of UGM include men, women, and children. Thanks to the support from many companies, large and small, UGM is often able to provide necessities to its residents from bulk donations. What is often lacking is the ability to provide a unique gift of any kind to the children currently living at UGM. Thanks to the UGM Christmas in July event, we are now able to make wishes come true! Each child is asked to share one of his/her favorite things; this could be a TV character, animal, or hobby. UGM’s Volunteer Coordinator then provides a list of the children, including name, gender, age, and favorite thing. Based on this information, AATC creates an online registry, which includes a gift personally picked for each child. Thanks to our never-failing membership, each child is able to receive a special present that can be called their own. In addition to the gifts, the online registry includes some items on UGM’s immediate needs list, including the option to purchase gift cards.

All gifts will be wrapped and labeled for each child. On Thursday, July 23rd, all items donated will be delivered to UGM. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, the presentation of gifts can’t be a group event like we had originally hoped. There are still plenty of gifts left to purchase and opportunities to help! We hope to have all gifts purchased by Monday, July 13th, to ensure they are delivered in time.

Want to put a smile on a child’s face? Visit the registry here: