At the Top of the Game

The apartment association has a little tradition of celebrating our vendor-partners who elevate service beyond every expectation. These are the companies deeply involved in our programs and events. They encourage their people to serve on our committees. They show up for our PAC and education foundations fundraisers. They’re always at our charitable events. They sponsor our programs. They put ads on our website as well as in Dimensions Online. Basically, they’re the best-of-the-best.

We’ve tagged these special companies with a label – The President’s Club; meaning they deserve our attention, recognition, and praise. Although this tag makes them no better than any of our other wonderful vendor-partners, it’s an attempt to say, thank you for the deep commitment each has made to our vision for the DFW multihousing business.

There’s a formula we use each spring to determine who gets a seat at this table. We add-up the investments made beyond membership dues totaling more than $10k. That’s a big number. It tells us these people are truly “invested” in us… which also tells me the owner-manager side of our business needs to return the favor as often as possible.

So, please allow me to recognize this year’s members of our President’s Club. I bet you’ll not be surprised. This is the wonderful group of 17 PCs for 2018: McMahan Flooring; Maintenance Supply HQ; Earthworks; Stowe’s Independent Services; Century AC; ALN; Arbor Carpet; Rasa Floors;; Camp Construction; Service Response Team; BG Multifamily; Impact Floors; Reliant; Huhem Law Firm; Appliance Warehouse; and Sherwin-Williams… simply amazing people!

Thank you all so very much for the investments you’ve made in our association family. These are the folks at the top of the game.

Sherry Jordan is Vice-president of Operation for LumaCorp and serves through the end of September as AATCs President. For additional information regarding AATCs Presidents Club, reach out to Ed Blinn, the association’s director of communications at or call him 817-616-0351.