Are you a Maniac?

by Sandy Garza, Greystar, and Charles Stroud, CSC ServiceWorks, Maintenance Mania Co-Chairs

If you practice once or more a week, then you’re a Maintenance Maniac.

If you can change a lightbulb in 4.76 seconds, then you’re a Maintenance Maniac.

If you sign up every person on your staff and even a few residents, you’re a Maintenance Maniac.

If you immediately plan for the next Maintenance Mania event as soon as the current year event is over, then you’re a Maintenance Maniac.

If you cheer on your maintenance guys each and every year, then you’re a Maintenance Maniac.

Are you a Maintenance Maniac?

If you aren’t, then you should be! There isn’t a more exciting bunch of people than those who attend our event year after year, bring their competitors along with an entire posse of spectators. It’s the Maintenance Olympics and the largest event of its kind in the country. Over 300 competitors, 400 spectators, and almost 100 sponsor and staff liaisons will be in attendance. Talk about huge!

Join us for another installment of Maintenance Mania, along with presenting sponsor HD Supply and our seven Game Sponsors: Arbor Carpet, Chadwell Supply, Ferguson Facilities Supply, LSR Multifamily, Maintenance Supply HQ, Rasa Floors, and Service Response Team.

Also, this year, we are adding our Crazy Car challenge! This event will be a representative from different management companies will showcase a car with very ‘relaxed’ specifications. This should be a lot of fun and hope you’ll join us for that as well.

This year’s event takes place on March 1st at Arlington Convention Center! Practice starts at 2 pm followed by our 4 pm Crazy Car Event. Then you’ll want to have dinner at 5 pm followed by our Main Event beginning sharply at 6 pm.

So don’t hesitate, we still have room for tons of competitors and spectators. So don’t be shy, get signed up today!