AATC Spring Education is Here!

by Jodi Spurrell, Milestone & Lani Grant, Dayrise, Education Co-Chairs

Laura Reese-Williams, ALN Apartment Data, and Victor Huhem, Huhem Law Firm, stand before AATC's 2018 Spring Education Lineup.

Benjamin Franklin was right when he said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” As professionals in our respective fields, it’s incredibly important to keep up to date on the inner-workings of our job. As ideas and technology evolve, then so should we.

AATC gathers the best minds in our industry every year to bring you relevant—and hopefully challenging—curriculum. When we say challenging, we mean that with provoking questions, we help you push thru habits of your older ways. You have to climb outside the box every now then.

If you are into new ideas, reinforcing basic concepts, and/or keeping up with best practices to better yourself, then you need to look at our 2018 Spring Catalog. It contains a complete breakdown of all the classes being offered at AATC for the first part of 2018. You can also access our complete line up at our website via www.aatcnet.org

This Spring, we’re hitting NAA credentials hard with CAMT, CAM, CAS, and NALP. Laura Reese-Williams, ALN Apartment Data, says, “I am so happy to partner with AATC as their 2018 NAA Credential Title Sponsor—we believe that the investment people make in their futures is entirely worth it; even more so when the companies invest in their employees!”

In addition to our large array of NAAEI course offerings, AATC is please to bring back our popular Education program, developed by AATC’s DFW Education Committee. Courses include: fair housing, leasing, pool school, HVAC and EPA Certification, plus some great new course concepts we think you’ll like. ALN Apartment Data and Huhem Law Firm are delighted to bring you what we think is the best AATC education program to date.

Last, but not least, if you are a Redbook fan, you’ll enjoy the return of attorney Jennifer Owen as she brings you the latest information from the most recent state of Texas legislative session. The TAA Redbook Legal Seminar, presented by Texas Southwest Floors, has limited seating, so you’ll want to get registered ASAP.

Here is a rundown of upcoming courses (click here to register):

  • Jan 24 (8:30-5:00) – CAMT Credential Begins; $850; Multiple Dates: Jan 24, 25, 26 & Feb 20, 21, 22, 23
  • Feb 14 (9:30-12:30) – Vision Quest- Unlocking the Secrets to Effective Leadership; $89*
  • Feb 27 (9:30-4:00) – Leasing 101; $99*
  • Mar 6 (9:30-12:30) – HVAC Troubleshooting for Maintenance; $89*
  • Mar 7 (9:00-4:30) – CAM/CAS Credentials Begins; CAM: $1080; CAS: $580
  • Mar 20 (9:00-5:00) – EPA 608 Certification; $109
  • Mar 22 (9:30-4:30) – TAA Redbook Legal Seminar- Studio Movie Grill Arlington Heights
  • Apr 10 (9:00-4:30) – NALP Credential Begins; $475; Multiple Dates: Apr 10, 11, 12 & May 11
  • Apr 17 (9:30-12:30 – Fair Housing in the Apartment Industry; $99*
  • Apr 18 (9:00-4:30) – Pool School Spanish; $99*
  • Apr 24 (9:00-4:30) – Pool School English; $99*
  • May 8 (9:00-4:30) – Pool School English; $99*
  • May 10 (9:30-12:30) – Fair Housing in the Apartment Industry; $99*
  • May 15 (9:00-4:30) – Pool School English; $99*
  • May 17 (9:30-4:30) – TAA Redbook Legal Seminar- Studio Movie Grill Colleyville
  • May 22 (9:00-4:30) – Assistant Managers Club; $89*
  • June 7 (9:30-12:30) – Managers, Pump Up Your Leasing Efforts!; $89*
  • June 21 (9:30-12:30) – Bilingual Fair Housing for the Apartment Industry; $89*
  • June 27 (9:30-12:30) – Leasing 2.0- Closing Techniques; $89*

For more information contact Alexandra Brown at 817-616-0356 or email her at abrown@aatcnet.org.