AATC September Education

We are excited to kick-off our Fall Curriculum and boy, do we have an abundance of courses for you and your teams to choose from throughout September!

Nicolle Block (our AATC President), Block Consulting, delivered her amazing Budget Boot Camp in August, which was phenomenal! On September 4th the always SOLD OUT Assistant Manages Club seminar was back to AATC with Cayce Coon of Madera and April Royal of Capstone focusing on this incredibly important role.

On September 11th Laurie Root of Alpha-Barnes is going to share her knowledge of tried and true skills delivering Grass Roots Closing – ‘Building incredible relationship starts from the first encounter”.

Fair Housing for Maintenance featuring Sarah Turner of Olympus, is scheduled for September 18th. This course is one in which all service team members should attend annually. When it comes to Fair Housing, not knowing the law is not an excuse for violating the law. Sarah will go over how our service teams should be aware of Fair Housing and discuss how current lawsuits are affecting how we do business nationwide. You and your teams don’t want to miss this important seminar!

We’ve got some spectacular and informative sessions to round out our September Education Courses. Robert Durham from ALN and Partner with Trimark Advisors will lead a Power Hour session (technically 1.5 hours) on the topic of Let’s Talk Ownership. The goal of this session is to learn vocabulary owners use, how owners evaluate products and services, and basically how to talk with an owner regarding return on investment and more! You’ll want to make sure you join in this Breakfast Power Hour and hold on tight!

You can register for any of these AMAZING courses at AATCnet.org>Learn or, you can reach out to me, Gregory Ann at ggoldrick@aatcnet.org and I’ll take care of you!

AATC Education with Purpose…stay tuned for the October Course Run-Down!