AATC Recognizes It’s Members of the Year!

by Sherry Jordan, LumaCorp, AATC's Past-President

Family Full of Superstars!

Reflecting on another spectacular Lone Star Awards Leadership Celebration, I’m so very proud of my association. The Apartment Association of Tarrant County has been a huge part of my life for nearly 30-years. I’m even more excited today about the great things we can do together than I ever was before.

We were blessed on Sep 28 to honor more than 120 nominees including 13 amazing award-winners. We sang praises for the Association’s out-going leadership team while ushering-in the newest crew – lovingly tagged as Nicolle and Co. They’re in charge beginning now.

Wedged in between all the glitz and glamor and videos and fun, it was my honor to bestow special recognitions on two extra-special superstars; our newest members of the year – Madera’s Char McCurdy and MSHQ’s very own Paul Brown.

Bet you didn’t know we’ve been saluting members of the year since 1970 – Robert Martin was the first. You’ll recognize names like Candy Maxey and Margaret Smith, Anita Hord and Charles Stroud, or Cindi Scoggins and Chris Lee. But you might not know other names like Carolyn Fleet, Ed Yeats, Larry Duncan or Terry Jones. There are some amazing people on this list; every single one – a superstar.

My first member of the year this year seldom backs away from a challenge. She boldly moves forward every-single-day inspiring us to consider new ideas, break records and launch innovative new programs. I can think of few people who can accomplish more in a single day. She’s passionate, persuasive and deserves our praise. I was proud to recognize – Madera’s Char McCurdy.

My second member of the year selection is a person we all know and love. He’s a quiet individual, truly a servant-leader; a gentle man with a quick wit who always puts others before himself. This very special guy, my other member of the year selection was – Maintenance Supply’s Paul Brown.

This year’s extra-special members are repeat offenders! I’m quite sure it’ll come as no surprise they’ve both received this award before. On my way out-the-door it’s heartwarming for me to look around the room and smile at all the friends I’m made during my time with the association. And who knows… maybe I’ll come back for more!

Sherry Jordan is vice-president of operations for LumaCorp as well as AATCs immediate past-president. For additional info on AATCs history, including all of our members of the year, check-out the about us page at AATCnet.org.