AATC New Members!

Howdy AATC!

Guess what we’ve got? Some new members! We would like to take this time to introduce you to all of our onsite, property, and owner/management members. We encourage you to shop our dedicated members first for any of the services and/or products that you may need. Also, feel free to give all of our new members a warm, Fort Worth welcome!

We also wanted to take the time to remind you about one of our AATC Member Services available to all members! Did you know you can order a membership list right from AATC? Membership lists cost $79 (+tax), and we’ll send it to you in Excel format so you can organize them how you wish in your prospect list. Always remember, AATC NEVER sells its members lists. If ANY company tries to sell you a list, please let us know immediately and do not purchase from them.

You can view all our member services here: https://www.aatcnet.org/member-services.html

New Supplier Partner Members

New O/M and Property Members
You can view all OM/Property Members here (password required)

  • 26 at City Point, (817) 734-4784
  • 35 West at Champions Circle, (817) 490-8761
  • Alleia Presidio, (817) 232-3900
  • K4 Ambassador Apartments, LLC., (682) 301-3409
  • Ralph Jackson, IRO
  • Tail Spin, LLC., IRO

For more information on AATC Membership Services, contact Jessica Jackson at jjackson@aatcnet.org