AATC Launches a New Brand Logo

What’s In a Name?

Everywhere you look, you see names. Your favorite deli, the car wash down the street, Taco Bell, even the names of everyone you know. Names are important; they define who we are, and in some cases, what we stand for. You can now look on your phone and see any number of contact names and reach them at the touch of a button. When you look at a person or business, does it make you remember their story? Do you remember what emotions come to the surface when you think of a name? Names can be legacy and are often set in stone within the minds of everyone who thinks of it.

What do you think when you see or hear AATC? Does it bring memories of your favorite event? Is it a name that brings you positive vibes? Does it make you think about all the friends and relationships you’ve built since you were brought into the AATC family? It should do all those things and more.

Have you ever stopped to consider what AATC thinks about its name? We are of the mindset that AATC is a name that brings strength, trust, and longevity to most people who are involved with AATC.

Our STRENGTH comes from our desire to protect the interests of our members from onerous local, state, and federal regulations that would impede industry growth and sustainability; our robust networking programs that promote business development within the industry; and from our award-winning educational programs that allow our industry to stay up-to-date with current best-practices.

Our TRUST comes from our long tradition of integrity in dealing with all aspects of our business; including, events, membership, advocacy, career development, and our advocacy initiatives.

Our LONGEVITY comes from our commitment to the multifamily industry for over 50-years. 

Over the years, AATC has adopted a few logos. The most recent incarnation was the face of our company for over 25-years. It’s a mark you’ve grown to recognize. Recently, AATC members got together to carve out various elements of our strategic plan, which is an essential facet of most organizations. Always look to the future. One of the initiatives that came from that was to review our current brand, including our name. What we learned from these conversations is that people are happy with the AATC name. It brings forth the feelings and emotions described above. We also learned that our previous logo was outdated and in desperate need of a facelift—something to bring us into the modern era. After much discussion and debate, we have a new logo!

We are excited about our new look, and we hope you are too!

We encourage you to use this new logo so long as you are a member with us. Use it in your marketing efforts and on your website if you wish. Our members steer us in the right direction often, and for that, we appreciate you.

Download this logo for your company use (AATC Members only)

Download the logo here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11plE4zb3O3E82xFfWx280dQNV71-Gd_V/view?usp=sharing

For more information on any of AATC’s marketing or communications endeavors, contact Ed Blinn, AATC’s Communications Director, at edblinn@aatcnet.org.