AATC IRO Poised to Help Find Homes for Military Veterans

by Bryan Downer, Community Enrichment Center, AATC IRO Chair

IRO October Meeting – Finding Homes for Military Veterans

I’m honored to be asked by AATC President Nicolle Block to serve as the 2018-2019 AATC Independent Rental Owners (IRO) Chair.  I look forward to partnering with fellow IROs to help the Association’s more than 200 residential rental property owners become the best landlords we can be.

Big shout-out and much thanks to Cathy Brandon for serving two years as IRO chair! Cathy did a fantastic job and through her tireless leadership offered relevant topics and dynamic speakers for our group. Thank you, Cathy!

I hope to continue Cathy’s momentum by offering you meeting topics that impact your bottom-line. Our plan is to meet 6 times (including meetings with fellow Dallas IRO’s) in 2018-2019:  October 4th, December 6th, February 6th, April 4th, June 6th, & August 1st.

Our first meeting is Thursday, October 4th, from 12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m., at AATC’s Office (6350 Baker Blvd, Richland Hills, TX  76118) and features a program on housing homeless military veterans.

Per usual, it is $15 to attend.

Remember, you can bring guests, but if they are a rental property owner and come more than twice, they need to join AATC.

Please register and prepay so we can plan for food. To register go to:  http://www.aatcnet.org/independent-rental-owners.html

AATC is partnering with the City of Fort Worth, Tarrant County Homeless Coalition, and the Veterans Administration to end veteran’s homelessness.

Our lunch features Shannon Barnes with the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition and Elizabeth Vela with the Veterans Administration.

While the apartment communities will play a role in ending veteran homelessness, small-volume rental owners are the key.  As owner/operators, we have the final say on who rents our properties.  We are the decision makers.  We can make this happen.

Prior to the meeting, if you might consider providing housing to a homeless veteran, please go to the below link and complete the form.


The form asks you to indicate screening criteria you would be willing to waive.

AATC will compile a list of properties willing to consider housing homeless military veterans and share this list with CFW and the TCHC.

A TCHC case manager will contact you about available units.

As a program participant, you’ll be asked to thoughtfully consider the unique situation of each military veteran. These are men and women that at some pint in their life raised their right hand and swore a solemn oath to defend our freedom.

As your IRO chair, I’m asking you to raise your right hand and say you’ll consider providing a rental unit to a military veteran.

Thanks for being an AATC IRO member and I’ll see you on October 4th!

For more information on any of AATC IRO programs, contact Perry Pillow at ppillow@aatcnet.org