AATC Fall Curricula

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Oct 13; 9am to 12:30pm
Employee Coaching & Engaging Today’s Workforce
Hot Topic: STAR Bundle; $89
Instructor: Anita Hord, Senior Vice President, Pace Realty

Out with the old and in with the new! Do you sit down one time a year with your employees for their performance review, checking boxes on a generic review form and then give them a “budgeted” raise. Is that anyway to engage and motivate today’s employees? Not at all! Today’s workforce thrives on frequent feedback, collaboration and two-way communication with their superiors. In this class you will learn how to:

  • Successfully launch a new structure for coaching and engaging your team
  • Learn to set short term goals that you can build upon with
    each employee coaching session
  • How to uncover what really motivates individual employees when everyone is different
  • Manage today’s workforce – the Millennials
  • Promote a healthy work/life balance
  • Create an environment of gratitude and respect

This course is designed for: Everyone

Oct 18; 9am to 4:00pm
Mr. & Mrs.: Office and Service Relationship
Full-Day: STAR Bundle; $89
Instructors: Nicolle Block, CAMT, CAPS, AMLI Residential
& Kenny Block, Cottonwood Residential

Have you ever felt like you were working on a divided team?

Who Hasn’t?

Does your Office team speak a different language than your Maintenance team – or vice versa?

Perceptions are reality and they can crush a team’s ability to perform. Let us be your guide! Learn to avoid the pitfalls that a team can fall into when communication breaks down! When you walk a few miles in the other side’s shoes – we promise that you will be more appreciative of their contribution. We will have a GREAT time illustrating every team member’s contribution and battle stereotypes per position that divide a team! We want to help you bridge that gap and have a fun time doing it! Move from Us versus Them to WE! Learn to speak “their” language so that you can motivate and lead your team to Victory – or better yet – positive NOI Growth!

This course is designed for: Maintenance Staff and Managers

Oct 25 and Nov 8; 9am to 3:30pm
Leadership Series – 2 Full-Day Seminars
Premium Class: $135 (Book included)
Instructor: Gayla McCown, CAPS, NAAEI Faculty

7 Principles that FUEL Success at WORK – The Happiness Advantage
by Shawn Achor

True or False: If you work hard, you will become successful, and once you become successful, THEN you’ll be happy.

Waiting to be happy limits our brain’s potential for success, whereas cultivating positive brains makes us more motivated, efficient, resilient, creative, and productive, which drives performance upward.

Would you like to be 15 percent more productive at work? Would you like to know how you can improve customer satisfaction by 42 percent? The Happiness Advantage reveals proven studies that arm you with the 7 principles of positive psychology to gain a competitive edge in your career and in the workplace.

During this two day series join Gayla McCown as she dives into the 7 principles of “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor. These principles will guide you on how to improve your quality of life and your success at work!

This course is designed for: Everyone